San Antonio Mobile Tire Brings The Tire Shop To The Customer’s Home or Work for a Change.

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San Antonio Mobile Tire provides mobile tire repair and installation in San Antonio Texas. The tire repair service provides tire repair at the customer’s location.

San Antonio, TX (PRUnderground) May 5th, 2020

Can’t find time to make it to a tire shop in San Antonio? No problem. San Antonio Mobile Tire will bring the tire shop to you.  Technicians now travel in two tire trucks to the customer throughout San Antonio Texas.  The tire service can come to a customer’s home or work without the hassle of a traditional tire shop waiting room.

The mobile tire shop can assist with repairing a flat tire at home, installing new tires at work, or replacing a TMPS
unit in a parking lot.  For the technicians at San Antonio Mobile Tire your tire problems are easily solved.  Tires are repaired or installed and balanced all in the back of their mobile tire shop.

The team includes owner Paul Brown, who recently installed tires outside at a hotel in downtown San Antonio. He typically is seen running with the tire technicians to meet his customers and ensure they are being cared for.

“Everyone seems to love it. They love the convenience of having a tire shop come to them”  Brown said.  “We service numerous fleet vehicles, schools, delivery companies, and more.”  Brown went on to describe who uses the service.  “We frequently repair tires and install tires for customers who just don’t want to go to a traditional tire shop anymore.”

In the fall, San Antonio Mobile Tire plans on adding two more service trucks to better service customers in San Antonio Texas.  The two tire trucks will be a replica of the trucks now in the fleet.  Brown has two Isuzu trucks with a complete tire shop in the back.  Once inside, tire technicians have all the equipment to repair tires or install tires and TPMS units.

Brown said the mobile tire installation service costs about $50 more than a typical tire shop install on top of the cost of tires.  This is not much more compared to the amount of time one can save using the tire service with San Antonio Mobile Tire.

The process starts with scheduling an appointment at to install tires that were already purchased or can be ordered online. Customers also can go to and order tires and schedule an appointment.

If customers aren’t sure what tires to choose, the San Antonio Mobile Tire team can make recommendations. The website has a live chat feature that allows people to ask questions online. Once the appointment is booked, a mobile tire service truck filled with equipment will arrive at your location to complete the service.  It’s that easy.

“It typically takes 65 minutes to two and a half hours to get tires in a traditional tire shop, and that could add to more than an hour of travel time to get there and back,” Brown said. “By bringing tires to customers’ offices or homes it saves time,” he said.

“We’re probably saving an average person about two hours and the hassle and the stress of dropping your car off. It’s definitely a convenience,” he said. “Everything is going mobile, from grocery deliveries to haircuts. People don’t have enough time anymore. Everyone wants to shop from their phones. You can shop on your phone and everything comes right to you.”

Brown said mobile tire installation and mobile tire repair was an idea given to him through a friend named Allen. The company began testing the service in the San Antonio and Austin area for six months.  The testing ended and the start of the company began.

After everyone “fell in love with it” and the tire dealer received five-star reviews, he said the company launched it in February of last year with a box truck and a tank of diesel.

“It has been very popular so far. It’s popular with offices and business complexes. It’s all about going to the customer and providing excellent customer service. We are helping recreate the tire shop experience.”

Rick (Ricky) Gonzales, president of Prsyse in Boerne Texas, and his wife, Jessica, have used the service to have tires installed both of their vehicles.

Rick came to work early and by the end of the day, his new tires were installed and he lost no work time, he said. His wife was able to stay home with their three children while her tires were installed.
He said the service was professional and efficient and saved him from what he calls “one of the worst experiences in the world as a consumer”: sitting in the waiting room of a tire shop.  “It sucks to sit in a waiting room for hours at a tire shop.”

The San Antonio Mobile Tire team also has installed tires on several corporate and fleet vehicles for Prsyse and Rick said it saves time and the hassle of having to take more than one truck to a tire shop and the costs of the round-trip transportation. He plans to continue to use the mobile tire installation service in the future.

“It’s a huge time saver,” Rick said. “It’s very cost-effective.”

Yvonne Hernandez of San Antonio said the San Antonio Mobile Tire team installed tires on her Ford Transit while she and her eight children were all home. She learned about the service through Facebook.

With eight children, she said it’s not easy for her to haul all her children into a tire shop and she was in desperate need of new tires. She said the van came to her home and the service was “a blessing.”

“The guy was super friendly and he let my little boy watch him change the tires right in our drive-way,” Hernandez said. “It was a fun experience for the kids and it was super easy for me because I didn’t have to take all my kids down to a tire shop to have my tires changed while I’m stressed trying to make sure the kids are not running around while waiting to have the tires done. They all ate lunch at home while our tires were changed which was a relief.”

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