Saud Alfarhan created the Happiness Coaching System scientifically proven to help anyone be happier

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Alfarhan offers a an easy way with proven groundbreaking results to find peace, joy and happiness which could help anyone in this busy age

Kuwait, Kuwait (PRUnderground) July 3rd, 2020

Saud Alfarhan is the founder of Saud Alfarhan Coaching and Consultancy, which is a boutique therapy centre in Kuwait, Saud also works in training, consulting and coaching in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar teaching individuals, corporations, and governmental entities on how to be happy and benefit from the Happiness Coaching System he created. The system Alfarhan created his Happiness Coaching system using a mix of positive psychology, coaching and NLP.

Many therapists and Coaches studied his system and benefited from it either in their own lives or as new additional effective tool they can use with their clients.

As a Licensed NLP Trainer and a Licensed NLP Coaching Trainer, Alfarhan helps national and international organizations achieve greater communication with their employees and their costumers, and then help organizations achieve a happier more effective working place, that would convert to more sales and more profit.

Through his own brand, Alfarhan offers business coaching and consultancy, group training and one-on-one coaching and consulting that would focus on finding the most elegant and effective way to help clients achieve their goals. The Happiness Coaching System focuses on understanding happiness scientifically, learning what are the kinds of happiness, and how to let happiness be the compass of ones life, and most importantly how to apply it and how to grow from it either individually or in the work place.

Each client will receive an in-depth consultation, either business or personal clients, that allows Alfarhan to fully understand the specific needs and where can the client benefit. Then, Alfarhan will build a customized strategy aimed at getting the outcome intended, if the client is an individual usually the intended outcome would be how to find inner peace and follow ones joy and be happy, and if it was an organization mostly the result intended would fall into building an environment that allows the happiness and well being of employees to flourish, which converts to more loyalty and more financial returns.

Statistics show beyond any doubt that a happy individual is more productive, healthier, generally has a more positive outlook towards life and can recover faster from life hardships. Alfarhan’s Happiness Coaching System focuses much on finding happiness within, and that’s where most of the work is done, which will result in transformational outcome.

About Saud Alfarhan Consultancy and Coaching

Saud Alfarhan is a Licensed Psychotherapist, and a Licensed NLP trainer and a Licensed NLP Coaching Trainer and the founder of the Happiness Coaching System.

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