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Instead of paying a $500,000 bribe to get into a top university, and $100,000 for college and living expense costs, learn how top students get in and get it paid for free.

Southern California (PRUnderground) November 29th, 2019

The pressure and expectation of getting into top universities is high, as well as the costs. That has unfortunately lead many parents and students down dark paths, rather than college being the upward path it’s meant to be. Not only bribery, but also stress, suicide, and scandalous behavior. This is certainly not what we want as a society, and something must be done.

In light of the recent college admissions bribery scandal and other shocking student news stories, the Student Success Strategies course and community was created to address the need in the market. Often times, parents and students aren’t aware of available options or they are too costly, or the student just doesn’t feel like putting the effort in, or just doesn’t know how to study and maximize their potential the right ways.

The Student Success Strategies online video education course was created by Nick Thorsch, who went to the number 1 public university, UC Berkeley, and into its Haas School of Business. With an 8 percent admission rate at the time, the slim odds demanded nothing but the best from him in terms of grades, admissions essays, community service, resume, honors classes, while also working multiple jobs. In the course, he teaches how he got mostly As and a few very rare A+s and 100 on tests with easy advanced learning strategies, wrote winning essays, won scholarships, and how to maximize your potential.

The course is the starting point, through which students can learn what works to become a top student. Many of these strategies should be taught in school, like learning strategies that can apply in many classes, but there’s simply not classes on Learning, Psychology, or Money in schools. Knowing the right strategies, and being able to apply them to the real world, can make a real difference in improving the lives of students and parents. Imagine students taking full responsibility for getting admitted to and paying for the university of their dreams, without the parents worrying about bearing that financial burden, but they can still be emotionally and mentally supportive. That’s the aim of the course. It even includes job and resume advice to help them with the transition into the work world.

The community or club, is an ongoing support Facebook Group to allow students and tutors to interact to support, engage, and lift up each other. Social support from like minded individuals is often a crucial factor in student success, as well as mental and emotional health.

Even if parents were to consider hiring a college admissions counselor, that can be around $600/hour. Prep services and camps often run into the thousands of dollars. With Student Success Strategies online education, it scales to serve many students at once, which brings the cost down for every student, giving everyone equal access, and equal chance, at getting into top universities. Plus, students can become affiliates of the course and market it to earn money. Check out the website to learn more and join today.

About Student Success Strategies

Save $600,000 on the cost of a top tier education, compared to parents caught in the college admissions scandal. Parents, give your child the tools to get better grades, get admitted to top tier universities, and get their education paid for before they go, with systems taught by top alumni.

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