ScreenRec – The Fastest Growing Free Screen Recorder For Business Announces New Version For Linux

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It has been made official; ScreenRec - the popular screen recording app with over 30,000 active users, has released the much-anticipated Linux version.

San Francisco, CA (PRUnderground) February 18th, 2020

ScreenRec has been widely recognized as one of the best free screen recording software available. Previously, only Windows users could benefit from its cloud storage, private link sharing, and upscale security features. Now, however, ScreenRec has joined the ranks of free Linux screen recorders.

When the team over at StreamingVideoProvider first released ScreenRec in 2018, there was stiff competition in the face of giants like Windows Game Recorder, OBS, and even Camtasia. Yet, its creator, the CEO of StreamingVideoProvider Deyan Shkodrov, knew he had something worthwhile because ScreenRec had drastically improved the efficiency of collaboration between him and his team. 

Born out of necessity, ScreenRec began as a means to help Deyan and his remote team members collaborate like never before. “With each of our members being scattered across three different time zones, communicating effectively was almost impossible. We were stuck sending long emails back and forth,” Deyan recounts. “After exploring a few solutions, we discovered that sending screenshots and screen recordings was much faster and significantly more efficient. The problem was that we needed a tool that had no learning curve and allowed you to share the screen capture immediately. Something that you could use without any effort. It didn’t exist, so we decided to build it.”

In no time, he and his team created a simple yet powerful app that enabled users to capture their desktop with 1 click and share immediately.  With added features lik annotating/editing tools and its user-friendly interface, ScreenRec quickly gained traction among free screen capture tools. They took it one step further by running it on their already well-established StreamingVideoProvider platform. This gave users access to top-level security and encryption features, and 2GB of free private cloud storage. 

With the major success of ScreenRec’s initial release (tens of thousands of downloads), launching a Linux version was the next logical step. “We’d been getting such positive feedback about the Windows version, we knew we had to offer the same to Linux users.”, Deyan says, “Linux users are often left out of the loop when it comes to the availability of popular apps that don’t or can’t run on open-source operating systems.”

Setting itself apart from the competition by being inclusive while keeping all of its greatest features, ScreenRec is quickly gaining ground as a reliable and free Linux screen recorder. 

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