Search Engine Optimization Guide

So Whats in this search engine optimization guide?

At PRUnderground we feel that not everyone can afford to hire an SEO Marketing Company. So We decided to do something about it.

We have put together a Search Engine Optimization Guide that will hopefully help you learn how to create an effective SEO campaign for your website. I will continue adding to this guide so that I can give you as much information as I possibly could about search engine optimization. There is so much information to give you, so let’s get started.

On Saturday, October 16th, I presented at WordCampNYC 2010. First I would like to apologize for my lightning session, it did not go as planned. It wasn’t till that morning that I actually got my email about the lightning session presentation. I was given the option of just winging it or skipping the lightning session all together.  Apparently there was a glitch in the system and I was totally omitted from the email list….oooops. Jane Wells was extremely apologetic about the error and I understood and told her not to worry.

I have also included some useful Search Engine Marketing Tools and the Google SEO Starter Guide.

Search Engine Marketing Tools
  • Website Grader: Great tool by Hubspot that grades and tells you how well or how bad  your website is doing.
  • Free SEO Tools and Toolbar: Great site with many useful SEO tools. make sure you download the SEO Toolbar.
  • Keyword discovery tool: Discovers the best keywords to target on your website. Free trial and then it cost $195 a month.
  • Wordtracker: Another keyword discovery tool that gives you a free trial After the trial it’s $59.00 a month
  • Advanced Web Ranking: Personally I cannot say enough about this tool. I use it constantly. Just check it out for yourself.
  • Marketing Samurai- This tool is extremely inaccurate. It will tell  you that your website has problems that need correcting. It will then try and sell you tools to correct the problems. Not even worth adding a link. Stay Away

So here is the scoop on all of the above mentioned tools. Some of these Search Engine Optimization tools are backed by the biggest names in SEO. Seriously, do not be fooled. It’s the same as an athlete telling you to buy some product he endorses. If experts have to use some of the tools they endorse on this list…well then they need to be schooled.

In a few weeks I will be starting my new series on Search Engine Optimization Basics. The first topic will cover proper link structure on WordPress. Look for my email 🙂

Remember, the best SEO research tool is YOU. Only you know your brand like no one else. There are many tools out there that will help guide you. I personally find that the Google SEO toolbox is all you need and it’s free. Do not bother paying for any keyword research tool. If you need help setting up your webmaster tools and using them, feel free to shoot me an email.

Ok and to help you understand Search Engine Optimization a little better, Check out Google’s SEO Starter Guide

Google SEO Starter Guide