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Seattle Selfie Museum Announces February 1st Soft Opening of Cool, Fun & Unique Seattle Art Museum

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Things to do in Seattle are set to have an exciting new element, the Seattle Selfie Museum. A new type of art museum for the digital nomad.

Seattle, WA (PRUnderground) January 23rd, 2020

Seattle is a fun city but it is about to get even more fun. Never short on creativity, Seattle artists are taking things into the 21st century with the newest Seattle Art Museum of a whole new breed. In exciting news Seattle Selfie Museum recently announced they will be opening on February 1st, 2020 and all are welcome, especially media interested in covering what is sure to be a great eye-catching story. Things to do in Seattle? Expect the Seattle Selfie Museum to jump up the list for young and even some old who want a new spin on the Seattle art museum.

“Bring your phone or camera and good vibes,” commented a spokesperson from Seattle Selfie Museum. “You will be taking lots of awesome pictures, so we recommend you leave bulky stuff (jackets, bags etc) in your car. Expect some great selfies!”

The concept is new and fresh but has been a big success in one other cutting-edge, progressive city Denver, where the Denver Selfie Museum is a huge hit. Expect Seattle’s to be just as fun, if not more so. Not to start a Seattle vs. Denver debate or anything. Honest.

The original, well-established, Denver Selfie Museum can be checked out at and @denverselfiemuseum. There’s no shortage followers, pictures, reviews to explore. And Seattle’s is setting the bar just as high.

Exploring the museum and taking selfies averages about 30 minutes solo or an hour for a couple. It is a kid friendly Seattle art museum. After all how many kids in 2020 don’t love selfies? Not many.

Feedback for the Denver version has been passionate.

Breaan PNG, recently raved, “WOW! We should all do this!”

Media reach out and the team will be happy to arrange an interview and more.

The museum is also available for birthday parties and other fun events.

For more information be sure to visit

About Seattle Selfie Museum

Are you ready for an entirely new type of an art museum in Seattle? Seattle Selfie Museum is way different than the other fun things to do in Seattle because it’s simple, fun, and a place built for the 21st century digital nomad. Here all you need is your phone, a couple of friends, and you’re in for an ultimate of fun! Inside the museum there are tons of selfie-ready attractions that you’re welcome to snap pictures of, touch, and experience. That’s right—we’re a Seattle pop up museum that actually allows you to touch and experience the exhibits firsthand!

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