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With state-of-the-art CNC machines and an expert team of engineers, Tuofa precision-machined hard metal parts are designed to handle the most challenging demands for clients around the globe.

Guangdon, China (PRUnderground) October 24th, 2022

High-speed precision machining of hard metals

High hardness, high strength, and high rigidity belong to the main characteristics of hard metal. Similar to: Stainless Steel Titanium Tungsten compared with ordinary metals, the difference is evident in power, elastic modulus, and surface roughness. In addition, cutting a hard metal usually requires a large amount of force (cutting force) to bear because of the sizeable tangential stress in the cutting process. Therefore, the quality and precision machining of complex metal parts are directly responsible for the performance of these products. That is why Tuofa CNC Machining always puts quality and accuracy first, no matter how hard the task is.

Why is hard metal difficult to precision machining?

Hard metal has high strength, large tangential stress, and plastic deformation when cutting, so the cutting force is large. As a result, it will cause a vibration when cutting, leading to cracks in the workpiece and inaccurate dimensions. Therefore, to ensure machining accuracy and quality, it is necessary to choose the proper tool and then carry out the corresponding processing technology reasonably. In addition, the hard metal has good wear resistance and thermal conductivity, which makes its machining more difficult.

Tuofa precision machining hard metal best skills

Hard metal parts are inherently demanding in terms of time, skill, and material use. Tuofa engineers and high-performance facilities take on the challenge of providing high-quality CNC-machined hard metal parts for all industries and consistently create parts within some of the most stringent requirements, from high-performance aerospace to exceptional engine craftsmanship.

They are a professional ISO-certified machining service that co-operates with customers to solve the problems of low-cost, high-quality, high-performance, and fast delivery. Their customized quality control system ensures that every customer’s order is precisely handled according to their specifications and needs.

When asked about the uniqueness of the services, the founder said, “Tuofa delivers what others can’t: high-quality precision machining hard metal parts at a low price. Our world-class facilities, expert engineers, and strict quality control practices ensure that their products are built to precise specifications. With an ever-expanding variety of custom CNC machined parts available, we’re poised to be your main source for precision parts. Our long-time commitment to quality and expertise in complex hard metal operations make Fortune 500 companies our customers. When precision is a top priority, Tuofa is the best partner you can rely on.”

Tuofa Precision Machining believes that excellent engineering is about staying true to the origins of problem-solving. While machines have advanced dramatically over the last 50 years, the true essence of precision engineering has remained unchanged. Tuofa has not just kept pace with these advancements; they have pioneered cutting-edge technology, even inventing new methods to achieve client’s quality and cost goals.

About ISO9001, RoHs, CE

Founded in 2006, Tuofa CNC Machining Company is the top CNC machining manufacturer in Shenzhen, China; we provide CNC milling & CNC turning, EDM, metal stamping, finishing service, sheet metal fabrication, and assembly solutions, likewise give low volume manufacturing solutions; our expert, as well as engineers team both, are closed to deal with you to do your projects under effective as well as quick turnaround. Additionally, we assure you that all of our products delivered to your hand securely please your fulfillment. Our after-sales will certainly provide services for you on these.

From single rapid prototype, low-volume manufacturing (100-600 pieces) to medium amounts (600-500000 pieces), from draft ideas to last production illustrations, the Tuofa machinery engineer team supplies you cost reduction and production expediency planned for evaluation before manufacturing. At Tuofa, You will feel extremely easy and comfortable running your jobs, as we assign a single sales and engineer individual to manage your projects.

Custom CNC machining reduces procedures from 100 metal and plastic materials to geometry 3D parts. As one custom-made CNC machining manufacturer, Tuofa CNC Machining Producer has its own advanced devices, including 3, 4, and 5-axis machining centers, using different accuracy cutting tools to make the components. Our competent machinists program 3D software applications to enhance each of the parts of cutting time and also tolerance to meet requirements.

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