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SEO Expert Chad Lieberman Teaches Heading Tags

Industry: SEO

6WIM’s Chad Ian-Lieberman reveals more myths about Search Engine Optimization.

West Palm Beach, FL (PRUnderground) February 23rd, 2015

Chad Lieberman of the SEO from 6WSEO today released another one of his teachings on SEO; this time on heading tags. This training aimed at explaining the need and usefulness of heading tags in any website.

Heading tags allow website visitors to understand, at a glimpse, what a webpage is all about. They also allow the search engine robots to understand what the page content is about thus indexing and ranking it appropriately.
“A large majority of website owners do not know what heading tags are. Another big group does not understand their importance. The other group does not know where to place them within their website. This teaching covers all these aspects with regard to heading tags. The goal is to show the website owners how useful these tags are, why they need to have them on their websites, and where to place them within their website code. This way, they will harvest the ranking perks that the heading tags offer”, explains Chad Ian.
Heading tags are part of a website’s Meta tags that every web developer should incorporate within the site development process. Others include keywords, Meta description and Meta Titles. Employing the different heading tags in the different parts of the content makes the site arrangement neat and easy to scan through fast for users while also breaking down the content by relevance for both the search bots and human users.
“Even when writing a report on a MS Word document, we employ the use of heading tags to arrange our work. We use heading 1, heading 2, heading 3 and so on in the different document sections to allow readers to demarcate the content according to how related it is and to allow them to easily identify where ideas change within the document. It is the same idea with heading tags and a website”, adds Chad Ian Lieberman.
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