SEO Expert Josh Van Dyk Discusses Google Penalties

Industry: Internet Marketing

Penalties can prevent prospects from finding companies and injure bottom lines

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) July 13th, 2018

Digital marketing and SEO expert Josh Van Dyk works with entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes to help boost their search engine rankings and visibility, and he’s offering insight into the various penalties that Google assigns websites.

These penalties, according to Van Dyk, can happen for a number of reasons. Google’s most well-known penalties are doled out for black hat SEO tactics, content that’s erroneous, numerous pop-up ads, backlinks from low quality pages, content that’s been plagiarized without the proper references, not having a responsive design, and note having a HTTPS security certificate.

Google penalties can have harsh backlash for companies. Oftentimes, penalized websites will first notice a dramatic drop in traffic before a company realizes that they have a serious problem. This happens due to a drop in ranking, says Van Dyk. This can sometimes happen when the Google algorithm is updated, but there’s usually an underlying problem that can be pinpointed and addressed.

Once that issue is defined and corrected, a website will typically rise in rankings once again and see more traffic.

For entrepreneurs and professionals, knowing all the terminology can be confusing, says VanDyk. Knowing the difference between Google’s algorithms, such as Panda and Hummingbird, and staying abreast of the latest changes, can be a difficult challenge.

Joshua Van Dyk specializes in working with companies who want to increase their search engine rankings and turn prospects into sales. It all starts with a consultation to find out what his clients need. From there, he creates an individualized plan to meet and exceed goals with top-notch solutions.

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