SEO National President and Outrank author Damon Burton launches 5-day SEO Workshop

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Thirteen year SEO Damon Burton will launch a free SEO workshop to teach proven search engine optimization strategies and step-by-step processes to help companies increase their online visibility.

Salt Lake City, UT (PRUnderground) July 2nd, 2020

Damon Burton, Forbes contributor and President of SEO National, will launch a free five day SEO workshop. In this workshop, he will share the strategies that he used to achieve the game-changing results. Thanks to the results that Burton delivers, his relationship with dozens of powerhouse clients lasted for more than a decade.

Damon founded SEO National in 2007 to bring level-up the search engine optimization industry. Increasingly ruled by “smoke and mirrors” marketing agencies, Burton brought a sense of pride in communicating transparently with clients and business owners.

Instead of big promises with little results, Burton focused on bringing clear strategy to a portfolio of high-quality clients. Over a decade later, SEO National has helped Inc. 5000 recognized companies, NBA teams, and Shark Tank-featured businesses achieve page-one rankings on Google.

Burton’s five day SEO workshop will teach the exact strategies that his agency uses to outrank his client’s competitors and win his clients’ trust in the process. Business owners can learn how to build their own in-house SEO strategy, or those who are thinking about outsourcing to a search engine optimization agency will learn about what to look for in a credible agency.

In addition to teaching specific processes and strategies, Burton will dispel common SEO myths. Both entrepreneurs and SEO dabblers will learn how to set realistic expectations towards profitable goals within their search engine marketing strategy.

Damon Burton’s goal for his free 5-day workshop is to help entrepreneurs, SEO beginners, and experts understand more about search engine optimization. He believes that after the workshop, participants will be able to plan their own campaigns and set realistic expectations.

As business owner and client of Burton’s SEO National, Mark Harsley puts it, “Damon is the real deal. In an industry full of snake oil salesman, Damon will set realistic and achievable goals.”

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About Damon Burton

A husband and father of three, Damon Burton founded a successful SEO company in 2007, SEO National. In the past decade-plus he has written a book on SEO, writes for Forbes, has been featured on BuzzFeed, USA Weekly, and has optimized websites for INC5000 companies, NBA teams, and businesses featured on Shark Tank.

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