September Allergies Peak: Dr. Burd’s Wonder Spray Offers Innovative Relief for Millions

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Boca Raton, FL (PRUnderground) September 8th, 2023

As students head back to school and fall enters full swing, so too does the menace of allergies, particularly due to ragweed pollen. Widely recognized among allergists, mid-August marks the beginning of the start of ragweed season and by the time we enter September, we’re in full swing. Other common weeds such as English plantain, lamb’s quarter, and Russian thistle join the fray, intensifying the allergy onslaught. Additionally, the fall season witnesses a spike in mold spore counts owing to decaying leaves and plant matter.

In the U.S. alone, over 100 million people grapple with various allergies annually. This figure paints a grim picture, with allergies ranking as the sixth leading cause of chronic illness.

Enter Dr. Burd’s Wonder Spray: an innovative solution using Hypochlorous (HOCl) that not only shields against allergens but also eradicates bacteria, viruses, and mold in the atmosphere. Once HOCl encounters allergens, it deconstructs the proteins and molecules that compose these allergenic particles. Furthermore, HOCl can inhibit the process of mast cell degranulation, a potential histamine releaser. This dual action ensures allergens lose their potency or become inert, significantly reducing allergic triggers.

“Our product represents a monumental advancement in allergy symptom relief. It’s easily accessible without a prescription and at an affordable rate,” stated Dr. John F. Burd, CEO of Dr. Burd’s Wonder Spray.

Founded by Dr. John Burd, a distinguished biochemist and the preceding CEO of Dexcom, Inc., Wonder Spray pivots on creating natural remedies for prevalent skin and health concerns. The brand exploits the immense potential of HOCl for daily utility.

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About Dr. Burd’s Wonder Spay

Wonder Spray was founded by Dr. John Burd, a renowned biochemist and the founder and former CEO of Dexcom, Inc., the leader in Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems. His current research is focused on formulating healthy natural solutions to common skin and health-related issues by harnessing the power of HOCL for everyday use. Dr. Burd’s Wonder Spray can help fight infection, reduce inflammation, and enhance your body’s natural ability to heal, and is highly effective against a wide range of ailments.

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