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This cosmetic procedure is pretty famous nowadays due to the versatility and custom-made design that makes candidate almost every single person.

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We need to start by saying what porcelain veneers are. This cosmetic procedure is pretty famous nowadays due to the versatility and custom-made design that makes candidate almost every single person. Veneers can be the best alternative to restore the appearance of a smile. They are made of unique materials; a veneer is a thin ceramic shell that is cemented in one or more teeth.

Taking Care of my Veneers

Today, the internet can help us find many answers. But in our dental office, we always encourage our patients to request first-hand information. Meaning is that it will be better to ask the dentist how to take care of your porcelain veneers. As we have mentioned earlier, each patient has different needs; therefore, although care is similar, there may be differences from patient to patient.

So, to determine how long your veneers can last, you will need to pay attention to details. For instance, depending on your maintenance you can prolong or reduce the duration of your dental surfaces. Improving the look of misaligned or stained teeth can be easy with this cosmetic option. This dental method is a Hollywood favorite way to address flaws in teeth fixing common dental problems with a smile.

So, the first thing that someone thinks is how much it will cost to opt for such a procedure. It is normal to think about prices, but it is important that you look for financing plans or other benefits like those offered by your dentist in Clairemont. Remember that this new stage in your life is a long-term investment. So you should find an office that gives you an affordable price but providing quality materials at the same time.

Now, once you choose the dental office, you should know that a percentage of the patients are not candidates for the procedure. Most patients can get veneers without any obstacle. But if you’re someone with bruxism or jaw trauma, you’re probably not a good candidate. Porcelain veneers are resistant, but not indestructible. So if you bite something very hard or use your teeth as tools, you can break them. That is why if you squeeze the jaw with a lot of pressure it is possible that you fracture these dental surfaces.

You should know that there will be certain things that you will not be able to do anymore. Like biting apples with the front or side teeth. It’s not that you can’t eat them anymore, yes you can, but not by chewing directly. The pressure can cause irreparable damage to your veneers. However, even if you don’t have dental surfaces, keep in mind that the enamel of natural teeth can also break easily if you use a lot of pressure while biting.

You can be sure that with the right care, veneers can last several years. Remember that even if you have veneers, your dental routine must follow its course. We have said it a lot, but in our office, we will always encourage you to brush and floss every day at least twice a day. We want to invite you to stop by our office or call. If you have doubts about how this dental procedure is done, you can come to us to help you solve your concerns.

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