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Clairemont, San Diego (PRUnderground) September 4th, 2017

Recently, Dr. Serena Kurt and part of the Serena Family & Cosmetic Dentistry team attended a seminar on Guided Bone Regeneration by Dr. Brandon Kang in Cerritos, California.

Guided Bone Regeneration and Ridge Augmentation have become routine procedures to enhance the functional, biological and aesthetic outcome of dental implants, so it makes sense to be up to date with all the changes they’ve had recently.

Guided tissue regeneration (GTR) is a technique currently used in dentistry for periodontal surgery, oral surgery, implant dentistry and reconstruction of maxillomandibular defects.

The basic premise for this technique is to allow for osseous regeneration before soft tissue migration into the area of interest.

Is accomplished with the use of membranes that prevent the migration of the soft tissue element into the bone defect. This paper discusses current uses for GTR techniques and reviews some of the materials now available for this purpose.

Guided bone regeneration (GBR) is a widely used technique to augment alveolar ridge defects to allow dental implant placement and improve the final aesthetic outcomes of implant-supported restorations.

Since the introduction of GBR, which is based on the theory of guided tissue regeneration, scientific evidence has demonstrated its effectiveness in regenerating lost bone.

A biologically based technique must be used for clinical success and to avoid the occurrence of complications. This article will discuss a step-by-step surgical procedure for GBR using absorbable membrane barrier for ridge augmentation in implants.

Learning to master these techniques allows us to provide you better quality at the moment of placing your implants. This way we can be sure that your body will not only heal faster but won’t reject the implants.

We care about providing you with the best service available, and part of this is a constant education so we can perfect our craft. Serena Family & Cosmetic

Dentistry wants you to feel at home when you visit us, and what better way to achieving that than knowing you’re getting the most qualified team behind your smile.


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