Serve An Offer – One unbelievable way to buy anything @ lowest price.

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Don't buy anything before checking out Serve An Offer. A new service where sellers compete by offering their lowest prices to win your business.

Lyndhusrt, NJ (PRUnderground) August 5th, 2019

A new website / mobile app,, is offering an effective service for buyers to purchase or lease anything from sellers at lowest price. The buyer posts what they want to buy on Serve An Offer and sellers compete to win the business by submitting their lowest price. A new way to compare prices for buyers for exactly what they need. Serve An Offer is a  free service which is available by signing into or downloading IPhone / Android mobile app.

“It’s such a simple & highly effective concept whose time has come,” said ServeAnOffer’s CEO, Hemen Patel. “If you want to buy or lease something specific at the lowest price / best deal, you can spend hours looking. With ServeAnOffer, buyers can put up a request for exactly what they want to buy and sellers submit their lowest price offer to win the sale. It’s a win-win.”

Serve An Offers satisfies a buyer’s quest looking for cheap, save money, deals, low price, compare prices, price match, on sales and promotions. It offers all of these needs under one simple to use service.

Buyers post their requests for free. Sellers pay just $1.00 to post their lowest price offer. For the seller, this is an amazing bargain; they’re able to offer exactly what a buyer wants, precisely when that person wants to buy. It is a dream for sellers to connect with ready to buy customers. That makes ServeAnOffer one of the least expensive ways to find buyers that are ready to buy. A high ROI based service for sellers.

“We connect buyers who want the lowest prices with sellers who are willing to compete for business,” said Patel. “Sellers can respond to buyers who are ready to buy.”

The website lists many different major categories for buyers to post their requests in:

  • Airline Tickets
  • Hotels & lodging
  • Cell Phones & Accessories
  • Vacation Packages
  • Computers & Printers
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Office Equipment
  • Women’s & Men’s Fashion

Buyers register for free, post what they want to buy & then can get multiple low price offers from sellers in a short time. No more spending time researching for the best deals. Low price offers are delivered to the buyer on the Serve An Offer platform.

Sellers also register for free. They select the categories that they want to submit offers in. When a request is submitted by a buyer, the seller is advised via email or SMS. The seller then submits their lowest price offer and competes for the buyer’s business. The cost of a submission is just $1.00.  If their offer is accepted, the seller arranges with the buyer to complete the transaction.

“When I need airline tickets, I use ServeAnOffer. It’s simple and free. I love that I always know that I’m getting the lowest price without having to spend hours and hours looking for the tickets at the right price.” – Peter Johnson

“We started this business because we were sick of spending hours and visiting multiple websites looking for the lowest prices on what we wanted,” CEO Hemen Patel said. “We’re the customers. Why couldn’t sellers come to us with what they have to offer at a low price.

“The response among buyers has been awesome. They love not having to spend a lot of time and visiting multiple websites searching for things they want to buy at the best deal prices.

“Sellers love it because it costs them just one dollar to submit an offer to a buyer who’s ready to buy,” Patel said.

ServeAnOffer ( is a website and mobile app that allows buyers to post requests for the items they want to buy. Sellers are able to respond to buyers’ requests and provide buyers with offers. The app is available on Google Play and Apple Store.

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