Service Contracts: What They Are And How They Are Keeping Customers Satisfied

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There is nothing more frustrating that purchasing equipment for one's business just to have it malfunction, causing increased costs to fix a problem that should have never occurred.

London, United Kingdom (PRUnderground) May 6th, 2010

While it would be hard to guarantee perfect performance for every piece of technology that is sold, there are ways to decrease the inconvenience of a malfunctioning product. The best way is through service contracts and warranties. Fortunately, for people interested in labeling products, service contracts are offered by South East Labels to provide customers with peace of mind when it comes to the repair of their products.

Like a warranty, a service contract provides protection when products break, giving the purchaser a guarantee of a functioning product for as long as the contract stipulates. Unlike a warranty, the service contract is not included in the original purchasing price of a product. For an additional fee the contract can be added on to the initial price of a product, guaranteeing its coverage.

The service contract will keep barcode printers and other barcode equipment in good order if they cease working for reasons not associated with regular wear-and-tear, or mistreatment by the customer. Keep in mind that if a product fails, the service charge, like insurance, oftentimes has a deductable that the customer must pay, although some expenses can be limited or excluded from this deductable.

When making a purchase such as this, it is important to ensure that one’s equipment functions properly and will continue to function. Service contracts can help accomplish this goal by guaranteeing the functioning of labeling products.

As a provider of service contracts, South East Labels proves their commitment to keeping the customer satisfied. They strongly value the business of their customers and know that the best business practices are those that cater toward the best products and services.

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