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ShampooMekids LLC Announces Pre-Launch Of Patent-Pending Shampoo Bed To Make Wash Days Fun And Tear-Free

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Boca Raton, FL (PRUnderground) November 11th, 2020

ShampooMekids, LLC is announcing the pre-launch of its patent-pending shampoo bed, to make wash days fun and tear-free. The shampoo bed will be available the second week of December at

CEO Marsha Taylor says she designed the shampoo bed to safely, conveniently, and effectively shampoo babies’, toddlers’, and small children’s hair at the kitchen sink. The shampoo bed features adjustable entertainment bars which can hold electronic devices the child can use while their hair is being shampooed.

“One of the most difficult parts of bathing children is washing their hair,” Taylor says, “The parent usually has to hold the child with one hand, while shampooing with the other hand. While that’s going on, the children are usually trying to protect their eyes and face from the lather and water. Time and again, this creates conflict, anxiety, and dread on the part of everyone involved.”

Taylor says her baby would consistently cry and scream during this process, which is why she sought a solution to the problem. “I was inspired when I saw a particular gymnastics equipment setup for children. That’s what gave me the idea in the first place.”

Her initial prototype was too big and bulky, so she sought another manufacturer to streamline the invention, make it thinner, more lightweight, and make the entertainment bars adjustable. Her final modification was the neck support for the child’s head.

“My daughter has not cried on wash day since we’ve started using the shampoo bed,” she says, “She thinks it’s a game now. She wants to lay on it. And the entire wash process is so much easier.”

The shampoo bed also protects the child’s face, eyes, and ears from water and suds while washing and rinsing the hair. Additionally, it features a replaceable cushioned lining for the neck rest, chair back, and body-contoured seat.

The shampoo bed comes in four colors, and will retail for $145 at The company is also releasing complementary products, including a microfiber hair wrap specifically designed for child’s head, as well as a Denman brush.

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