SHARE Microtransit is Now Driving CoverMyMeds’ Columbus Commuters

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SHARE collaborates with CoverMyMeds to help reduce single-occupancy vehicle commuting with door-to-door transportation for employees

Columbus, OH (PRUnderground) August 12th, 2019

SHARE, a growing Columbus-based microtransit company, has teamed up with CoverMyMeds to help limit the number of cars on the road, benefit the environment, and improve the commute of their Columbus employees. The three-month pilot program began in July 2019 and serves employees who live within a 7.5-mile radius of CoverMyMeds’ two downtown offices.

“SHARE is excited to partner with CoverMyMeds to introduce microtransit as a new employee perk. Forward-thinking employers, like CoverMyMeds, are looking at transportation as a way to make the commute less stressful and more productive. This program will take hundreds of single-occupancy vehicles off the road while reducing each person’s carbon footprint,” said SHARE CEO and co-founder, Ryan McManus.

SHARE works with employers and provides the tools and turnkey service to make a transportation benefits program successful, including marketing support and a mobile app for scheduling rides.  SHARE’s microtransit service fills a mobility gap between the public bus and ride-hailing, aiming to reduce single-occupancy vehicles, eliminate parking problems, and make shared mobility more accessible for organizations like CoverMyMeds.

Within the first two weeks of the program, CoverMyMeds employees utilized the service nearly 200 times, saving a total of 66 hours of single-occupant driving. These routes have reduced the number of vehicles on the road, helping to also reduce traffic and carbon emissions.

“Our collaboration with SHARE has enabled us to offer a time-saving convenience for our team members while also making eco-friendly decisions that positively impact our community,” said Jenn Beck, Campus Coordinator at CoverMyMeds. “We’re excited to watch this partnership grow and help set an example for alternative transportation options throughout the city.”

To access SHARE rides, CoverMyMeds employees download the SHARE app and join a private CoverMyMeds group. From there, they are able to schedule rides 24 hours in advance to or from a CoverMyMeds office and their home address. SHARE’s software creates smart routes by grouping together employees traveling to the same location at the same time.

“I’m really excited CoverMyMeds is offering SHARE as an alternative commuting option, and definitely plan to continue using it to decrease my commute time and carbon footprint,” said Jenny Rogers, a CoverMyMeds rider. “If this became a full-time offering, I’d give up my parking spot at the office.”

For more information about SHARE and how to implement the microtransit service for your office, visit


Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, SHARE Microtransit offers a transportation solution between mass transportation and individually owned, single-occupancy vehicles. We develop dynamic mobility services to address transportation demands with a goal to increase access in our community while decreasing costs for riders. We know that access to transportation is far from equal, and we strive to break down old-world models to accelerate a change to smarter mobility for communities. Our software allows us to quickly create efficient routes that group together riders going the same way at the same time. SHARE Microtransit services are available through participating employers, schools, municipalities, and senior living communities.

SHARE, DBA of AVE AutoMedia Inc, was founded in 2016 with an investment from Jaguar Land Rover. SHARE is a graduate of the 2017 Singularity University Smart City Accelerator. SHARE was recognized at CES 2018 with a $10,000 award from Trend Forward Capital for outstanding automotive innovation. Learn more at

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