Shieldoo. A zero-trust remote access tool with a peer-to-peer connection

Industry: Cybersecurity

Shieldoo features lightweight and seamless remote access from anywhere in the world. Thanks to Zero-Trust and multi-factor authentication, safety is guaranteed.

Prague, Czechia (PRUnderground) November 2nd, 2022

A new remote access tool comes on the market with a vision to be one the most exceptional tool with straightforward fees. As the company said, real usage-based pricing should not just save customers some needless expenses but also brings transparency into how users use remote access. Customers will only pay for users who were active in the actual month. It is built on technology from Slack and offers fast connection to servers and other devices remotely, thanks to peer-to-peer technology.

Shieldoo features a lightweight and seamless connectivity from anywhere in the world. Its plug-and-play design allows easy management without IT help. Users can maintain whole remote access with just a few clicks in the app.

High-level encryption and a suite of security solutions

Third-party app management and authentication are made easier with Single Sign-On (SSO). New users can access Shieldoo security tools using Google or Microsoft login credentials. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) confirms user login attempts across devices. Finally, Shieldoo reinforces security infrastructure with Zero Trust, granting the least privileged access to users through continuous authorisation.

Open-dev was the way

Shieldoo takes inspiration to deliver open-source, service provider-agnostic security from Slack Nebula. Simple and scalable, the security architecture is compatible even with legacy systems. In addition, Shieldoo upholds a no-log policy, where no user activity is seen or recorded. “Building a decentralised private network was one of the key goals we had in development,” commented Valdemar Zavadský, CTO of Shieldoo.

Launch accompanied by pirates

Shieldoo is coming to the market with a specific campaign to engage potential customers. The claim That´s the safe way connects the whole campaign and should embrace startups and small-medium businesses about the possibility of successfully managing their business security by themselves. “Shieldoo will ensure in this case that customers deal with secured remote access without any expensive external help,” added Zavadský.


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Decentralized zero-trust remote access tool for your business

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