Significance Of Hiring A Lawyer For Your Chronic Pain Case – Elaborates Norm Assiff, A Personal Injury Lawyer, Edmonton

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Edmonton, Alberta (PRUnderground) February 1st, 2023

An accident happens expectedly, but when it occurred due to someone’s negligence, you possess all the rights to file a case against the negligence and seek compensation. When you have chronic pain as a result of the accident, you can claim compensation to be used for your medical expenses.

However, manoeuvring a chronic injury case without an expert’s guidance is not as easy as you think, as you won’t know if the injuries become chronic after the destructive accident. And, it will take you months of time (depending upon the severity of the injury) to figure out the chronic pain. The chances are high to lose the case when you are approaching the court after months.

Therefore you need to hire a personal injury lawyer at the earliest possible to guide you – says Nore Aldein (Norm) Assiff, a 2023 ThreeBestRated® award-winning personal injury lawyer, in Edmonton. He further explains the need to get the assistance of an attorney to represent your chronic injury case.

When you hire a personal injury lawyer, he/she will assist in many ways that are as follows:

  • The insurance claim will, in general, be complicated and knotty, so it will be easy to navigate the case with the guidance of an attorney who has all the know-how regarding personal injury litigation.
  • The attorney will supervise and ensure that you’re receiving the proper treatment, and as an expert, he knows what medical reports are to be collected and maintained to be used appropriately to win the case.
  • He/she will track the case and represent you when you’re under medication and can’t make up to the courts. They will keep updated on every progress in your case.
  • Attorneys will help you to negotiate with the insurers and get you a decent and sufficient amount as compensation. Or else, you will be hoodwinked by the insurers to accept the amount they propose.
  • In case the insurers refuse to pay, the attorney will make a complaint, including the details of the accident, and the evidence to show the defenders’ responsibility for the accident, and direct the case in favor of you.

Above all waiting can often worsen the condition and complicate the case further. Therefore, get the support of an attorney sooner rather than later.

About Assiff Law Office:

Assiff law office is a prominent law firm founded by Nore Aldein (Norm) Assiff, a renowned and extensively experienced personal injury lawyer in Edmonton, AB, who has represented all levels of courts in the region, the Federal Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of British Columbia, and so on.

Having graduated from the University of Alberta Law School, he started advocating a plethora of victims’ cases over 20 years. “I have clients calling me from over 20 years ago when I first met them” – says Assiff. His wide-ranging experience in the industry and his contribution to the advancement of the law have accoladed him so many awards like the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association (ACTLA) President’s Award, and ThreeBestRated® by cracking its 50-Point Inspection.

The success of the Assiff Law Office is backed by a team of excellent and skilled lawyers who can offer a sense of comfort and ease while representing their cases. By emphasizing and providing a customer-oriented service, they take pride in having had clients trust them for years even after they have represented them.

They are keen to maintain a positive and amazing relationship with their clients as they say, “We treat them like family members and our results show how this level of love has transformed into success”. This firm advocates litigation that includes chronic pain injury, spinal cord injury, slip & fall injuries, permanent injuries, insurance claims, pain & suffering, and insurance claims. To get in touch with them, click here:

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