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Kitchener, Ontario (PRUnderground) March 28th, 2023

The appeal of a property is very important. This is what contributes to the aesthetics of the property and attracts people to see it. Working on the interior helps you enhance the luxury of living inside the property whereas exterior work gives a beautiful touch to the property. Be it a house or a commercial property, External appearance plays a key role in its value. Landscaping is one of the very important centers of attraction for a property. On the other hand, The real benefit of landscaping is the living space it can provide to people. It is much greater than just leveling the ground and beautifying the yard. It requires special skills to do proper landscaping. A landscaping expert called Soares Landscaping recently presented the 2023 ThreeBestRated® award for “Best Landscaping Company” is generous enough to list some points to reflect the significance of landscaping in a property. Here is the quick list,

  • Smart landscaping helps to reduce pollutants in the environment. Most of the manufacturing companies these days have taken steps to include landscaping in their architectural design to purify the air in their surroundings. Air purification can also contribute to your neighborhood that typically lacks good plantations.
  • Properties having too much water is always a stress to the owner. Landscaping in this case helps to mitigate it.
  • Architecture today is full of concrete flooring and wood decking. Landscape in replace provides a land cover by natural greens that contribute to preserving nature and maintaining ecology. This further emphasizes on outdoor spaces needing hard surfaces for walking and entertainment, but a healthy balance of plantings to offset the unnatural area.
  • Landscaping offers space for pocket parks that provide people with a space for recreation and relaxation. This is also said to reduce the temperature in the region.
  • Landscaping contributes to the mental health of people relaxing in it. The peaceful time one experiences in landscapes impacts their state of mind and brings peace in them to some extent, says the expert team.

As said above, It requires experience and knowledge to choose a landscaping design that suits your land and demands. Appointing professionals like Soares Landscaping can bring you the best result in no time.

What Makes Soares Landscaping Stand Out?

Soares Landscaping helps you create the best spot in your property to create memories and moments that last for life. With the home being the place that families spend the most time in, many homeowners are looking to make a change in their space but don’t realize that this transformation is achievable through the outdoors. Soares Landscaping, a family company, has been operating since 2006 to bring beautiful and functional landscapes that enhance the lives of homeowners and their loved ones. With a combined experience of 30+ years, Soares Landscaping has been serving Kitchener and surrounding areas to promote the importance of outdoor living. They will be creating the best experiences through beautiful outdoor living spaces. Contact them at

When asked about their utmost satisfaction with service. They mentioned “We’re proud of the feedback we’ve received from clients after their projects are completed. They typically share with us that the final project was better than initially planned. This keeps us working more on client satisfaction that makes us the best in the service”.

ThreeBestRated® provides strong organic search traffic for our business. We provide a consultative approach to putting landscape projects together. Ensuring we hear what the homeowner is telling us and providing recommendations that are beneficial for them has helped us break the 50-Point Inspection of ThreeBestRated®. We will strive hard to continue building our team to ensure we can continue to raise the bar for our clients.”, says the team on the award.

Soares Landscaping offers a wide range of landscape designs, outdoor kitchens, patios/walkways, fire pits, driveways and entranceways, new pond construction, disappearing water features, fountain installation/lighting, koi fish pond, gardens & horticulture.

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