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Charlotte, NC (PRUnderground) February 10th, 2023

A common saying is, “A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other.” When two people of different personalities enter into a relationship, disputes, and misunderstandings may happen on and off. Although these bickerings over even small things are very common in a relationship, this must be sorted out as soon as possible to maintain a healthy relationship. However, most couples often struggle to reconnect after an argument – that is dangerous as it could end up in divorce/separation.

To cope with disputes and maintain a healthy relationship, couples are advised to get an appointment with a marriage counselor. A marriage counseling session will help you pilot a good rapport – says Todd Malloy, a prominent marriage counselor from Charlotte, NC. He further goes on to explain the benefits of marriage counseling.

The most recent statistic shows the divorce rate for new marriages is 41%, and for second marriages is 73%. This shows the importance of marriage counseling, and it helps couples to fix their relationship issues by making them understand the situation.

  • Learn tools of effective communication: Communication is so important when it comes to relationships. Having an endless and honest conversation strengthens the relationship and builds trust in each other. Although a heart-to-heart conversation is hard to have after a fight, it is a great way to reconnect.
  • Learning of one’s own accountability: Putting efforts to understand your partner’s responsibility in terms of work, family, friends, and so on creates trust, dependency, and closeness in marriage.
  • The development and clarity of the shared marital vision: This is one of the crucial tools to build a strong foundation for your relationship. Develop a marital vision with your partner that will help you get a clear idea about what you exactly want in your life both as an individual and as a couple; this will help you and your partner to understand each other’s dreams and goals.
  • Clarity of the core needs of each individual: The core needs of a person when in a relationship are trust, loyalty, support, and commitment from the partner – as these make the other person confident. Therefore, take some time to talk specifically about what your partner actually needs. For instance, if he/she needs support from you, let him/her know that you will back them up in any situation.
  • The understanding of potential pitfalls of conflicts: Whenever you end up in a fight with your partner, try to figure out the root causes of the disputes – this will enable you to avoid further conflicts over the same thing in the future and dodge the problem easily whenever it shows up again in your life.

Why Inner Peace Counseling Center?

Inner Peace Counseling Center was founded by Todd Malloy in 2011 that gives counseling for mental and carnal wellness in Huntersville, NC. This center offers people a place to maximize and celebrate their lives with their counseling accompanied by sound and effective therapeutic practices, skillful insight, and partnering with people as a journeyman.

Following their mission which encompasses integrity, sincerity, and confidentiality, they have been effective in meeting their mission and the needs & expectations of their clients for over 11 years. They enable the clients to live a life worth celebrating as their most authentic selves and continue to grow in excellence to the demanding needs of the changing environment.

The ceaseless dedication of Inner Peace Counseling Center has been recognized by ThreeBestRated® through its rigorous 50-Point Inspection. On winning the award, Todd Malloy says, “Over the past years we’ve seen continuous business growth and brand recognition, which contributes to the overall achievement of our professional goals.”

Todd Malloy as a couple and family therapist can offer counseling on relational issues, emotional distress, couples & family therapy, pre-marital & marriage counseling, infidelity, grief & loss, parental styles, abandonment feeling, and trust & intimacy issues. To get his assistance in navigating your relationship issues:

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