Singapore Start-up Launches Innovative HR Tech Aimed at Tackling the Global Workplace Engagement Challenge

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Singapore (PRUnderground) July 30th, 2018

Singapore-based start-up launches the MasterCoach app, a tool they are eager to put into the hands of every workplace manager to boost employee motivation and performance.

Research by Gallup has established this alarming fact – 85% of workers worldwide are not engaged in their jobs. Gallup defines engaged employees as those who are enthusiastic and committed to their work. However, a surprising majority of workers are indifferent and would not consider going the extra mile. As a result, growth, and innovation suffer.

Organizational psychologist Wan-Chung Lai and executive coach CM Loke set out to build a coaching app that managers could use to help employees become more engaged at work, thus increasing productivity and profitability for their organizations. Their ultimate vision is to make managers better coaches and get them to discard traditional management practices such as command-and-control and focusing on an employee’s weaknesses rather than engaging his strengths.

Signature Features of MasterCoach

MasterCoach’s key features were influenced by Gallup’s research findings which showed that leaders of high-performing teams consistently do three things – spotlight strengths, collaborate to set clear performance goals, and check in regularly on progress.

MasterCoach operates through two apps – the ‘Coach App’ (for managers) and the ‘Client App’ (for employees). These two apps work like ‘walkie-talkies’ that let managers connect with those they coach.

Strengths Wheel – MasterCoach allows managers to build and send a ‘Strengths Wheel’ – literally in seconds – to an employee for a quick strengths assessment on his smartphone.

CoachPad – is a custom-built note-taker for coaching. Access a library of 300 powerful questions to probe for insights. With these questions, managers can move from the default mode of “telling” to engaging the ideas, energy and inner resourcefulness of employees.

Dashboard – helps keep agreed actions top-of-mind for employees, thus increasing the rigor and success of performance.

Credentials of the MasterCoach Team

Wan-Chung and CM are a pair with an impressive coaching track record. Together, they have equipped over 1,000 leaders as workplace coaches, including managers of UK MNC Rentokil-Initial, the major NGO World Vision International and the Heritage Hotels Group which operates across New Zealand. Wan-Chung was an award-winning Regional Learning and Development Director at a FTSE100 company, who recently left his senior position to spearhead a workplace coaching movement.

Quote from Wan-Chung Lai, CEO of MasterCoach

“Employees today want to be engaged, not managed. MasterCoach is more than a product. It is a movement to make managers better coaches and the workplace a greater experience for all.”

Testimonials from Influencers

“MasterCoach has the chance to become a revolutionary tool that helps leaders and followers reach their full potential.”

Loren Naidoo (PhD) – Associate Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, City University of New York

“Brilliant, convenient and portable!  MasterCoach provides tools that will benefit every leader and coach.”

Lyn Eichmann – Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation (ICF)

MasterCoach is available on the App Store for US$3.99 per month. Try MasterCoach free for 30 days.

Visit the MasterCoach App website to learn more:

          Note: Gallup Reference
          Gallup State of the Global Workplace Report (2017)

About MasterCoach

MASTERCOACH is the world\\’s first action-based coaching app for growing people and performance. It is also the story of two leadership coaches from Singapore building a tool for today\\’s busy managers who face the daily challenge of juggling between delivering performance and developing employees. Our vision and heartbeat is to help managers be better coaches, who can and will develop strengths-based and engagement-focused work cultures, one great performance conversation at a time.

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