Skan positioned as a Leader in Process Discovery by NelsonHall

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Skan.AI, an AI-enabled process intelligence platform, is revolutionizing the field of process discovery and making a positive impact on enterprise digital transformation and automation.

San Jose, CA (PRUnderground) June 9th, 2020, an AI-driven process intelligence platform, is named a leader in process discovery by NelsonHall in a recent report on Process Mining and Discovery. NelsonHall’s vendor evaluation tool (NEAT) is based on analyst research and customer interviews and ranks vendors on their ability to deliver immediate client value and meet future requirements.

“Skan’s capabilities using computer vision to bring end-to-end process mapping from desktop work, coupled with its investments in machine learning, conformance/compliance, and real-time workforce intervention, positions it at the forefront of process discovery solutions,” said Bailey Kong, NelsonHall Research Analyst and the author of the report Process Discovery and Mining 2020.

According to NelsonHall, process discovery provides an understanding of work through the lens of workers on desktops. Human workers perform work that is rule-based on highly structured data or judgment-based on unstructured data and the gamut in between.

Skan relies on computer vision, machine intelligence, data science, and graph algorithms to observe work, and from the recording of human interactions with digital systems, synthesizes and assembles a meta-process model that encompasses all process nuances and variations.

“The genesis and ethos of Skan are to harness the power of human-like observation, but at machine scale and precision, without reliance on logs or backend data or systems integration.  Skan understands work as it happens and provides a data-driven and evidence-based approach to transformation, automation, process conformance, and operational optimization,”

said Avinash Misra, the Co-founder and CEO of Skan.

Skan is powering process discovery and intelligence at major global firms across many sectors. Skan’s low friction deployment and implementation model allows companies to get started within days, and the platform begins yielding results within weeks.

“As business goes more remote and workforces begin to work from anywhere, enterprises are increasingly concerned about quality and conformance in Business Processes. Skan’s observation-based approach provides an effortless but powerful way of managing such business processes,” said Manish Garg, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Skan.

NelsonHall clients can access the Process Discovery and Mining 2020 report and Skan’s vendor profile from their client portal. The research report and NEAT tool allow enterprise sourcing managers and corporate decision-makers to assess the capability of process mining and discovery vendors across a range of business and technical criteria and identify the best-performing vendors.

For more information about the Skan pathbreaking process discovery and intelligence platform, please visit

About NelsonHall

NelsonHall is the leading global analyst firm dedicated to helping organizations understand the ‘art of the possible’ in digital operations transformation. With analysts in the US, UK, and Europe, NelsonHall provides buy-side organizations with detailed, critical information on markets and vendors (including NEAT assessments) that help them make fast and highly informed sourcing decisions. For service providers, NelsonHall provides in-depth knowledge of market dynamics and user requirements to help them hone their go-to-market strategies.

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About Skan.AI

Skan.AI is a cognitive process discovery engine that leverages computer vision and machine intelligence to help enterprises map, model, and manage business processes. Skan’s innovative technology observes ad hoc work at scale and from the observed digital traces of human work synthesizes and creates a process metamodels, uncovering hidden process variants, and unveiling the invisible enterprise.

The traditional methods of business process mapping involved business analysts conducting interviews and shadowing process participants and recording the actions into a few boxes and arrows.

The standard business process maps just scratch the surface, portraying a happy path alongside one or two exceptions paths. In reality, the enterprise operations are akin to a spider web with intricate patterns, hidden paths, and nuances – all of which are a part of the invisible enterprise.

Skan’s virtual process agents – a non-intrusive and lightweight probe on agent desktops or virtual machines – observes human work at scale capturing essential keystrokes and system interactions.

The observability of work at a vast scale and high precision is the hallmark of the Skan’s technology.

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