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Skincare Brand Dr.Morita now Offering Brightening & Moisturizing Facial Masks Perfect for Summer Vacations on Amazon

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Taiwan-based professional skincare brand Dr.Morita has earned a reputation as the top choice in Asia for those wanting to keep or make their skin more vibrant, youthful and energetic. Now approaching other markets through Amazon, the brands Facial Masks offer true beauty solutions.

Taiwan, China (PRUnderground) August 9th, 2019

Many people in America are unaware of how safe and effective a Brightening & Moisturizing Facial Mask can be. In Asia they are extremely popular with those going on summer trips or vacations and want to end their summer looking the same or better without sun-damaged skin for dehydration and other issues. Coming to the rescue is the number one skincare brand in Asia, Taiwan-based Dr.Morita. Dr.Morita recently launched their products on an Amazon online store with the intention of delivering the same kind of value they do to customers around the world as they do in Asia. A leading product in this effort is the Dr.Morita Brightening & Moisturizing Facial Masks, which can be a beauty enthusiast and person who wants to maintain a youthful appearance best friend during the summer or while on a Summer vacation.

“In summer the skin faces unique challenges that we have worked hard to counter with our Facial Masks,” commented a spokesperson from Dr.Morita. “Some examples include the heat grabbing moisture from the skin which can speed up the appearance of aging; long-time exposure under the sun accelerates skin problems such as fine lines, sagging skin and redness; and even visible dark spots can show up from the over exposure to UV light. Fortunately, our Brightening & Moisturizing Facial Masks can counter these problems in a healthy and affordable way.”

The spokesperson continued,“Quality always comes first. We keep using innovative and effective technology, while listening to the demands of customers. Customer satisfaction is our greatest driving force. As a beauty solution provider, our vision is to become the leader in the facial mask category.”

Dr.Morita points out that during the summer, staying too focused on one skincare issue can be a mistake. What is more appropriate is to use a product that covers many important areas. The Dr.Morita Brightening & Moisturizing Facial Mask meet these needs as a refreshing multi-taskers, fit for rapid moisturizing, soothing after sunburn and brightening the skin tone. For customers going on a trip the product is light and takes up very little space making it not just healthy, effective, and functional but also a great travel partner.

The Brightening & Moisturizing Facial Mask, which is Dr.Morita’s top choice for summer skincare, aims at guarding against and removing dark spots. Its main ingredient is tranexamic acid, which has proven again and again its value in this area. Vitamin C, the choice of some other brands doesn’t come close. In addition hyaluronic acid in the formula delivers quick moisturizing extended over time. The formula rounds out with a combination of collagen, algae and licorice extracts that rapidly penetrates the skin to also keep it well moisturized while also encouraging and maintain the skin’s elasticity, which gives the impression of youthfulness.

The second facial mask option from Dr.Morita is the Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Mask. This mask was designed to deliver the best in safe and healthy skin hydration. Its formula was designed to not only work quickly but also for a North American customer-base where dry skin is a real problem. Dry skin looks like older skin, creates lines and wrinkles and this can be prevented thanks to the smart design of the Dr.Morita formula. This product should be used 2 or 2 times a week and has placed at the prestigious MONDE SELECTION awards for cosmetics products winning a silver medal.

Many are saying these two products deliver the perfect summer combination for healthy and beautiful skin. Especially with their packaging that makes them simple to take anywhere. Now available on Amazon. Get the glow on the go! When purchasing both together at the Dr.Morita Amazon Online Store 25% can be saved on the hydration mask. Don’t face summer unprepared, it is possible to enjoy the summer and look better than ever in fall.

About Dr. Morita

Dr.Morita, is a brand with 85 years’ history, focused on technological innovation and product quality in the skincare and beauty world. The company has an R&D center in Japan and cooperates with Taiwan’s local general hospitals for technological cooperation. The team develops 30-40 new products every year to meet market demands, never compromising on quality.

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