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Skootch OCR is a Great Student App for iPhone

Industry: Mobile Apps

Skootch OCR uses advanced Optical Character Recognition software to accurately convert images to text, saving students time and money.

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) May 29th, 2012

Skootch OCR iPhone App converts images of text to editable text documents accurately and rapidly, saving time and money.  Utilising a powerful built-in Optical Character Recognition Engine, Skootch OCR makes writing PowerPoint presentations, references, dissertations, blogs and Word documents simpler and swifter making it a great app for students as it saves time otherwise spent typing out passages of text.  It costs less than other OCR solutions as you only pay once when you download the app rather than paying per file conversion.  You can use Skootch as a scanner app or image to text app.  Simply select an image from your iPhone image library or take a photo from within the app, Skootch it, and you’ve got an editable text file.  Great!

What does OCR stand for?  OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, which refers to a computer program which is able to recognise images of alphabetic characters and convert them to an editable text form.  You can take a screenshot of your iPhone screen by pressing and holding the ‘Home’ button on the front of your telephone, followed by the on/off button on the top.  This allows you to save shots of web pages, maps and Google searches for Skootching.  Converted files are saved in a folder within the app; you can even annotate and share images on Facebook, keeping your personal or corporate page up to date.

Visit the Mutant Software website for more information or check out Skootch on the App Store to download your copy.

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Skootch OCR is a versatile iPhone app which rapidly and accurately converts images of text to editable text documents. It is designed to be intuitive and to convert files as rapidly as possible. It looks great and converts files in a way which is useful to users. Skootch utilises a built-in optical character recognition library to convert jpegs to text, images to text and photos to text. Results can be emailed for cutting and pasting into Word documents, emails, websites, blogs and PowerPoint presentations. Skootch was developed to help business people, students, bloggers, web developers and office workers save time typing out information so they can do something more fun instead. Suggestions to

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