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Sky Chiew Discusses the Launch of Donut Empire

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Popular donut chain was created by Chiew and is managed by a tightly-knit team

Singapore (PRUnderground) April 10th, 2017

Sky Chiew launched the wildly-popular donut chain Donut Empire not too long ago, and now he’s telling the public a little more about his story and the way his successful company runs.

Chiew, a serial entrepreneur who has been at the helm of several successful companies, was visiting Melbourne and Jakarta when he noticed the long lines outside of a world-famous donut chain. People lined up for hours to get a taste of the donuts, and this inspired Chiew to launch something similar in Singapore.

In its first year, Donut Empire has grown to 11 locations in Singapore – and 2 in Malaysia.

According to Chiew, there are several reasons for his company’s success. First, he has a tightly-knit team of experts who manage everything. The “Heavenly Four” consists of Dennis Peck, who sources raw materials; Mark Lim, operations; David Lim, research and development lead; and Ken Goh, technical. These four are overseen by Chiew and his brother, Steven. Together, the brothers act as the executive director and CEO.

In addition, Chiew says that Donut Empire’s success also hinges upon quality. Their team has created a unique product – a rich, flavorful donut. Plus, with new flavors coming out on a continual basis, customers get to try new and exciting varieties with every visit.

Before Chiew delved into the Donut Empire, he was in the entertainment business for a decade. He owned several clubs and pubs in Malaysia, but now, Chiew focuses on his Singapore club, S Club, and Donut Empire. “I chose the food business because I have a passion for food, and my parents were in the F&B business, as well,” said Chiew. “Besides, I’ve been loving donuts since I was a child.”

Chiew hopes to offer a beacon of inspiration for others in the food and beverage industry. For aspiring entrepreneurs in the industry, Chiew advises to keep an emphasis on creating a solid product. Then, Chiew says that an effective marketing strategy is crucial. “Having an effective management system is essential to business,” said Chiew, pointing to his own “Heavenly Four” team.

According to Chiew, a quality research and development team is also key to finding the right product to position within the market, and a great R&D team will ensure that new and engaging products are created on an ongoing basis. Last but not least, Chiew encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to think big, plan, and make their dreams come true.

Chiew is optimistic about the future of Donut Empire. Recognizing that there will always be challenges, the Donut Empire team enthusiastically continues to put forth effort to strengthening and growing the company.

About Sky Chiew

Sky Chiew is a serial entrepreneur and the founder/CEO of the successful Donut Empire donut chain.

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