Announces Top Backend Development Frameworks in 2024

Industry: Technology, a prominent freelance talent platform, unveils its annual report on the top web backend development frameworks of 2024. NodeJS emerges as the clear frontrunner.

Stockholm, Sweden (PRUnderground) September 20th, 2023

Today,, a prominent freelance talent platform, unveils its annual report on the top web backend development frameworks of 2024. NodeJS merges as the clear frontrunner, continuing its dominance from previous years.

Backend development, commonly referred to as server-side development, remains crucial for any digital enterprise. It encompasses all behind-the-scenes processes that users don’t see, such as databases, backend logic, APIs, and server operations.

The comprehensive breakdown from’s report includes:

  1. NodeJS – With its robust performance and vast ecosystem, NodeJS stands out as the premier choice for backend development in 2024. For expert NodeJS developers, visit io/node-developers.
  2. Golang – As a language that prioritizes efficiency and concurrency, Golang continues to gain traction in the server-side realm.
  3. PHP (Laravel) – Ever versatile and widely adopted, PHP remains a staple in web development. Within its ecosystem, frameworks like Laravel and cakePHP have caught special attention. Dive deeper by visiting io/laravel-developers.
  4. Python – Known for its simplicity and readability, Python, along with frameworks like Django and Flask, offers a powerful toolset for web backend endeavors. Connect with Python specialists at io/python-developers.
  5. C# and ASP.NET – Microsoft’s potent duo remains vital for enterprise-level applications, fostering a large community of developers and enthusiasts.
  6. Other noteworthy mentions include Java (Spring) and Ruby (Ruby on Rails) for their sustained contributions to the server-side ecosystem.

Backend frameworks can be visualized as prefabricated building blocks. They’re akin to benefiting from the collective progress and insights of industry experts without the need to code from scratch. In certain frameworks, such as Laravel, essentials like login mechanisms and user management are embedded right from the outset, thus optimizing development timelines by negating the need to recreate basic functionalities.

For a detailed insight into these frameworks and their unique strengths, read the full report on

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