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Smerrofficial Used Auto Platform Offers Seamless Transactions Amid Pandemic

Industry: Automotive

Although the pandemic has shaped the way auto purchases are handled, Smerrofficial offers convenient, safe practices

Hamburg, Germany (PRUnderground) January 26th, 2021

For those who are wanting to purchased a used auto during the pandemic, there have been a number of challenges. Although Germany has allowed dealerships to remain open for the time being, social distancing and general concern have caused a slowdown in consumers shopping on dealership lots. Companies such as Smerrofficial, however, have found ways to make the most of the situation and deliver options that truly work for shoppers during the pandemic.

Smerrofficial is a unique used auto dealer who bases their inventory on their Instagram page. Interested consumers can easily browse and learn more about available vehicles before messaging Smerrofficial on Telegram to open up a conversation that covers cost, general questions, and more.

More than a thousand satisfied customers have already used Smerrofficial’s platform to buy a used auto.

Smerrofficial’s autos are procured through auctions of legal entities, and each auto is properly vetted to ensure a quality driving experience free of mechanical problems. Auctioned cars might come from leasing companies, post test drives, or might have been used as advertisements with banners covering them. These vehicles depreciate and are sold at approximately 15% cheaper in the German market and can be further reduced in cost depending on the source from which they came.

The Smerrofficial Instagram page is full of auto after auto, all of which are luxurious used models that appear immaculate inside and out in most cases. By simply clicking on the image of an auto they are interested in, a prospective customer can see a snapshot of the vehicle’s statistics such as price.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, Smerrofficial has a limited quota of 50 autos per month.

Right now, Smerrofficial is offering two convenient options for prospective customers who want to make a deal.

The first option is to visit one of the Smerrofficial offices in either Hamburg or Wolfsburg for a face-to-face visit. During this visit, an agreement can be signed with an advance payment. Face-to-face visits must be scheduled ahead of time. The second option is of particular interest to people who are concerned about meeting face-to-face right now. With this option, a distance contract can be signed. This agreement is legally binding and is created in accordance with applicable international law.

Advance payments are just 30% of the total cost of the car.

As the pandemic continues around the world, more businesses are beginning to open back up, and as this happens, more people are going back to work and back to school. Public transport is still an option, with new regulations in mind for social distancing in many cases, and so many are relying on autos to commute. For those who are interested in a quality used vehicle that comes at a better price than many alternatives, and is also vetted to ensure the health of the vehicle, Smerrofficial offers a viable option that extends to foreign countries outside of Germany.

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Smerrofficial is a sleek platform offering used autos at reduced prices.

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