Software platform, Vistasuite, designed to bolster business communications

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Designed to help businesses increase value and efficiency of using photos and videos in communications

Chicago, IL (PRUnderground) September 18th, 2019

Cliqueshare, Inc., provider of innovative software solutions, is excited to announce the launch of Vistasuite, a B2B SaaS platform designed to help companies increase communication with images. Vistasuite accomplishes this by making it easy for businesses to privately share photos and videos to communicate work in progress, situations, displays, product development and finished products among others.

“We set out to expand business communication through a design lens that prioritized the use of photos and videos for communication with an efficient and productive interface.” said Jason Schoepke, coFounder & CEO of Cliqueshare, Inc. The platform provides a single, central location for a business and includes unlimited individual ‘spaces’ that can be customized for specific teams, clients,  locations or projects. Each space can be customized to include specific members and permissions and helps to organize business photos and videos securely stored in the AWS cloud.

 Growing Visual Market

Every day, users upload over 450 million photos between Facebook and Instagram alone*. While many of these photos are clearly posted with personal and social purpose, it’s easy to see photos are being used in very high volume to communicate. Along with the volume of daily posts is the fact that generations that are using photos and videos to communicate, will soon make up the majority of the workforce, leading to the need for software designed to accommodate the natural progression and inclusion of images in business communication.

Streamlined  Image Workflow

Following interviews conducted with business owners, employees and clients, common, problematic themes were discovered. When photos and videos are used in business, many times these images are emailed or sent via text, then stored and accessed in different ways and locations. This feedback was found to be a common theme across many vertical markets, shaping the functional design of the platform.

Vistasuite was designed after understanding how and why companies are using images and text communication. The team then used these insights to design a privately managed, visual environment helping companies to streamline visual workflow. Schoepke noted, “We are seeing companies in many industries use photos and videos to communicate, however, they are doing so in very inefficient ways.” Vistasuite looks to improve the process of how images are used in visual communication to increase operational efficiencies, reduce business risk, increase team collaboration and enhance client relationships.

About Cliqueshare, Inc.

Vistasuite empowers business leveraging the value of digital imagery in ‘visual communication’ by allowing teams to easily share, collaborate, store, and find photos & videos in customizable business environments. The team holds high standards of providing a secure and trusted image managed platform, increase efficiencies of team collaboration, and enrich client relationships through improved visual communication. We live in a visual world, start working in one.

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