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Oxford, UK (PRUnderground) February 28th, 2023

Nowadays, people are so stuck in scheduled, busy lifestyles, they often give health concerns a wide berth. Yet health should be our priority; especially our mental health! Good mental health brings all sorts of abundance into our lives. When we are calm, in control, resilient and strong, we thrive. Depression, stress, anxiety, trauma and complex phobias are natural responses to events and situations. However, when we become overwhelmed and our emotional responses become debilitating, it’s time to seek help. Not addressing these issues can be one of the biggest mistakes of your lives, costing you years of lost health and happiness. One of the best hypnotherapists in Oxford is Jane Pendry. Her company, Sense-Ability Hypnotherapy & Coaching, was recently felicitated with the ThreeBestRated® award for 2023, indicating that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to resolve emotional issues.

Jane explains, “Solution Focused Hypnotherapy(SFH) is a talking therapy that integrates hypnosis with core principles of Solution Focused Brief Therapy. Practical strategies focus on solutions, rather than the ‘problem’. SFH is a natural, drug-free, safe and somatic way to reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, low mood and even depression.”

Structured conversations that help clients find solutions, and understanding how the brain works, differentiates Solution Focused Hypnotherapy from other types of hypnotherapy. Using the power and plasticity of the mind, SFH leads to lasting, sustainable change over a short period. Unlike other methods, it focuses on the present and future to build healthy patterns of thinking, acting and reacting so you can become the best version of yourself.

Hypnosis utilises the natural alpha brain wave state – or trance – to change negative thinking, obsessing and ruminating into positivity, pro-activity and productivity. “With regular weekly sessions over a few weeks, SFH may be one of the easiest ways to rewire your brain to create success,” says Jane.

SFH is just one of various highly-effective Solution Focused methods that Jane uses to help anyone suffering from common mental health issues. Get in touch with Sense-Ability Hypnotherapy & Coaching to learn more about this tried and tested approach to becoming the best version of yourself.

Please note, if depression or anxiety are debilitating and persistent, or you are having suicidal thoughts, always consult a professional in the first instance.

Excellence Of Sense-Ability Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Sense-Ability Hypnotherapy & Coaching is one of the most significant hypnotherapy clinics in Oxford. Jane Pendry is a Solution Focused and clinical hypnotherapist working online across Oxfordshire and the UK.

The rapport between client and therapist , or the therapeutic alliance , is a significant part of Jane’s success. She has helped hundreds of clients overcome traumas, profound and debilitating anxiety and obsessive-compulsive behaviours. Improving her clients’ lives brings Jane satisfaction and fulfilment. Currently, she is working on increasing access by developing affordable online group programmes. She is delighted to invite you to enjoy her free guided meditations at

Jane is most proud of “The Sense-Ability Emetophobia Recovery Programme” a unique and gentle approach to helping people manage and overcome a debilitating fear or phobia of vomiting; one of the most challenging phobias as sufferers often develop obsessive avoidance behaviours and suffer from intrusive thoughts. Jane can also help you with stress, insomnia, low mood, OCD, phobias, break-ups from toxic relationships, pain and chronic health management, and travel fears and phobias.

Contact Jane for a free half  hour exploratory consultation at

Jane Pendry added “I was absolutely delighted to be recognised by ThreeBestRated®. Along with all the clients who have taken the time and trouble to leave reviews. The Independent assessment procedure of 50-Point Inspection from the team reassures the quality of my service. It reassures clients that I am a trained, qualified and experienced hypnotherapist offering safe, effective and affordable treatments.”

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