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SoRichIam Media- Mentioning the Unmentionables – A Call to Action

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Author and CEO of SoRichlam Media LeTicia Lee, wants to restore dignity to those quietly suffering because they don’t have their basic needs met.

Rochester, New York (PRUnderground) June 29th, 2019

Author and CEO of SoRichIam Media and One Crownz Productions, LeTicia Lee, is placing a call to action this summer. She wants to restore dignity to those quietly suffering because they don’t have their basic needs met. Those basic needs include under garments, sanitary napkins and toilet paper.

Lee says as a former upwardly mobile New York City filmmaker, Wall Street Business Language Instructor and entrepreneur, she became used to overlooking the homeless. She says it was just too sad and overwhelming. 

Ms. Lee says people living on the street have blatant needs. She says they are clearly crying for help.  She says thriving in New York City and other major cities worldwide like it require one to have laser focus so as not to be counted among the homeless.

She says unfortunately, that attitude is often the norm until people get to a level in their career where they have the resources to make a difference. Fortunately many of them do give back.

Lee says millennials seem to have figured out that one can include giving in their business and career model from day one. Even if it’s slow and steady. As long as their giving moves others forward with them.

However, she says there are still some people, even here in the United States, who go to work every day and children who attend school regularly who are also silently hungry. Many don’t have enough food or money at the end of the month to meet their basic needs that many of us so often take for granted. That includes some college students whose parents have lost jobs in the middle of their college attendance who can no longer send them the necessary cash to supplement their meals, incidental expenses, and housing.

Ms. Lee says it is a temporary condition for some people due to divorce, illness,  sudden job loss or extended unemployment. For others, there is a deeper underlying unmet emotional need.

Lee says giving is not something reserved for the rich. It is a community effort and community can be defined as local or international depending on one’s perspective, desire and capabilities.

Ms. Lee hopes others will join her by giving charitably to causes dear to them to the extent that they are able.  Lee says giving is not limited to food and clothing but includes the right educational tools for those who have been stuck for awhile especially those caught in the multi-generational poverty cycle. She says when done consistently as a collective effort, it can have a major cumulative impact on ending poverty, stabilizing and flourishing any community of any size anywhere.  

Providing “the unmentionables” (those items not even requested but greatly needed) can be a prayer answered for many. That said, LeTicia Lee recently put forth a detailed call to action list in her latest blog post, Restoring Dignity by Mentioning the Unmentionables, at

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