Sought After Holistic Family Psychologist Ashleigh Warner Announces Upcoming Gentle Parenting Workshop

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‘Beneath the Behaviour’ workshop teaches parents and caregivers to look for the root causes of children whining, crying, and misbehaving

Victoria, Austrailia (PRUnderground) September 7th, 2022

Holistic family psychologist Ashleigh Warner is passionate about opening the eyes of parents to teach them respectful parenting techniques for raising healthier, happier children. In her upcoming workshop, ‘Beneath the Behaviour’, parents and caregivers can take advantage of a comprehensive virtual session with Warner that will teach them how to look beyond their child’s behavior.

Statistics from the World Health Organization show that well over half of all children ages 2-14 have incurred some sort of physical punishment for negative behavior. Warner, a mom of two boys, rejects the idea of physically punishing her children and instead works to understand why they’re feeling their emotions. “Once you start to understand what’s under the behaviour, you will intuitively know how to respond,” said Warner. “You’ll be able to get to the heart of the issue and just know what to do from within because you understand the problem. Imagine a generation of parents with that kind of power!”

In ‘Beneath the Behaviour’, parents will get step by step advice on how to tackle negative behaviours from their children. These steps include how to keep boundaries and deal with the incident; how to address the emotion under the behaviour; and assess what both parent and child take from the experience.

In her workshop, Warner will compare children’s emotions to a gushing tap of water: gushing happens when bigger issues such as rejection are involved. According to Warner, the gushing can’t always be stopped, but the child can be comforted and given support. Ways to empty a full bucket include helping a child change something; find their sadness; or play and move. Warner will go in-depth in these areas and more in ‘Beneath the Behaviour’.

Warner is the host of the Raising Humans Kind podcast and founder of the Raising Humans Collective. She also offers consultations for parents, many of which stay booked up because of her popularity. The upcoming workshop will give many parents an affordable way to get the advice they need without getting placed on a waiting list.

‘Beneath the Behaviour’ will offer insight into hyperactivity, loudness, whining, aggression, not staying in bed, being rude, and many other top complaints from parents of young children. The workshop will be available for presale on September 7, 2022. More information is now available at

About Ashleigh Warner

Ashleigh Warner is a holistic family psychologist and respectful parenting advocate.

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