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Souletics Releases Health and Fitness App on iTunes and Google Play

Industry: Health & Fitness

Souletics announces its smart phone app provides fitness videos, healthy food recipes, home remedies, and exclusive health information to feed the mind, body & soul.

San Francisco, CA (PRUnderground) May 17th, 2014

Former professional football player and motocross racer Damon J. Smith’s health and wellness company, Souletics®, has released a free health app for smart phones, available on iTunes and Google Play.

The app features Smith’s trademark Souletic Movement™ quick home fitness workouts, easy healthy recipes, natural home remedies, nutrition information, motivational content, and social commentary that addresses mental and emotional health.

Smith formed Souletics® in 2013 with the goal to create a community of like minded individuals seeking optimal health and wellness in all areas of their lives. His Souletics Resource Center offers exclusive information for consumers on a variety of topics, ranging from the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, powerful uses for baking soda, breathing techniques to increase abdominal strength, how to sculpt strong glutes, how to make greek yogurt, alternative methods for managing chronic pain, and advice for starting or managing a business.

According to their website, their nutrition writers combine traditional nutritional guidelines set forth by the Weston A. Price Foundation with meal planning strategies designed to enhance athletic performance and achieve weight loss goals. This traditional approach to nutrition has gained popularity in recent years by nutritionists for the Los Angeles Lakers, celebrity athletes and paleo diet enthusiasts.

The Souletics® app pulls select information from the resource center, enabling busy yet health conscious individuals better access to health, nutrition and fitness. With rates of obesity, chronic illness, and disease at all time highs, Smith hopes his app will both inspire and educate people about how to improve their overall well being.

“I’ve been blessed with access to top notch trainers and training facilities, nutritionists, and professionals in alternative healing, and what I’ve determined is that staying healthy is 80% information, 10% will power, and 10% financial resources,” says Smith. “Information is key to transforming every area of our lives.”

To download the free app, visit iTunes or Google Play, or learn more by visiting the Souletics Resource Center.

About Souletics®

The Souletics® Resource Center provides exclusive information on how to live healthy, home remedies, fitness programs, home workouts, mental toughness and inspirational products.

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