Soundlife Music Academy Turns Students Into Rock Stars With Unique Showcase Of Music Videos

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During the COVID-19 Pandemic, An Innovative Music School Re-Imagines Their Live Student Showcase

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) May 27th, 2020

Soundlife Music Academy, a music education program that offers in-home and virtual video lessons to students, announced its virtual concert coming up this Saturday, May 30. The COVID- 19 Pandemic has created difficulties for businesses both large and small, but this Los Angeles music school has used the current safer-at-home time as an opportunity to try something exciting and unique. The school immediately switched from in-home lessons to virtual one-on-one music lessons and virtual coaching for bands, but its highly anticipated Student Showcase was still in question. Rather than cancel the event, the school decided to undertake something original and ambitious. 

“At SoundLife, the health and safety of our students and their families is our top priority. When ‘safer-at-home’ became part of our world, we acted quickly and came up with a way for our students to continue playing and receiving their personalized lessons safely and remotely,” said Chris Vazquez, Managing Director of SoundLife Music Academy. “Families immediately realized how much the students benefited by continuing to learn and play when many other things in their lives were uprooted. Faced with the decision to either cancel the Spring Student Concert or rethink how we could make the most of this opportunity, we decided to go all out.” The idea to turn each performance into an individual music video was born. 

What began as a way for the students to hear each other’s hard work and for the bands to simply hear themselves playing together, despite recording remotely, became a full-scale audio-visual undertaking. Parents were encouraged to join in and help, and families were encouraged to participate together. The goal was to film each student in their home, playing their instrument or singing their part as they would in a live performance, then compile the videos to see and hear all of the pieces together. 

“We decided to make this something truly fun and creative that our students can have to show for this time that really makes them look like rock stars,” said SoundLife Business Director Mike Torres. “Our students and families rose to the occasion.” With the time and dedication of the school’s staff of instructors and post-production crew, each performance was made into a music video with its own unique style. The concert will be aired on YouTube Premieres, and all videos will be made available for students afterwards to share on social media. 

SoundLife’s core program is focused on bringing students customized one-on-one, in-home music lessons that fit into their busy schedules. Unlike other music schools that offer in-home lessons, a strong emphasis is also placed on community building. The school hosts regular student concerts, and partners with organizations and businesses to provide other real-world performance opportunities through which students can take the stage. The Soundlife philosophy is that even when lessons are at home, a community with like-minded peers is of the utmost importance to bringing out true confidence and progress. 

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About SoundLife Music Academy

SoundLife Music Academy is a Los Angeles-based music school that offers a revolutionary and unique approach to music education. The program combines the convenience of fully customized in-home lessons and a strong focus on community building with peers. With the mission to educate, inspire, and unite, SoundLife provides a fully immersive experience that helps students not only discover their creative voice, but also develop the confidence and power to express it. SoundLife Music Academy offers a wide variety of music lessons, including guitar, voice, piano, and band coaching.

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