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South African Artist, Singer & Songwriter Mark Eliah Impresses Fans With Diversity and Power of his Recent Debut Album

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The new album “everstartedsomewhere” gives an inspiring look at epic South African musician and performer Marl Eliah. His music is equal parts reaching out into the future while displaying compelling influences, in a way that truly resonates with diverse fans of good music.

Pretoria, South Africa (PRUnderground) September 3rd, 2020

Mark Eliah’s music is impossible to force into a box, taking influences from artists like A-ha all the way to David Bowie and beyond. Backed by a band with members from across the globe his first album, “everstartedsomewhere” is winning praise for showcasing a truly imaginative approach to crafting great songs. Fans can hardly get enough of this South African singer and songwriter on the rise, who has also wowed audiences with his emotion-laden high-energy live performances.

“I am very excited to see the response to ‘everstartedsomewhere’,” commented Eliah. “I poured much of my heart and soul into this release, adjacently meeting the challenges on the path of being an independent artist in this music business. I look forward to the future with new songs and I hope that the interest in our work continues to rise.”

The new album, Eliah’s first, is available from the artist’s official website as a digital download. Samples of his videos and music can also be enjoyed on the platform.

Over the years, Eliah’s music has won praise across the globe, being featured on over 100 US college radio stations, and also radio in Toronto, Canada, Tokyo, Japan and renowned German radio stations like HR3 in Germany. Ultimately Eliah and his band has reached over 350,000 listeners with the number growing every day.

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About Mark Eliah

South African songwriter & singer Mark Eliah and his band are working hard to raise the global vibration through remarkable songs and live performances,

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