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Spee.ch provides decentralized blockchain-based image sharing, and is incredibly easy to use.

Manchester, NH (PRUnderground) October 30th, 2017

Spee.ch, the first video and image sharing platform built with freedom of speech in mind, launches today. Unlike other media hosts, spee.ch distributes content via blockchain — the technology behind bitcoin. For the first time, spee.ch allows users to publish their media to a shared, user-controlled network rather than a closed, corporate-controlled one. With a simple, easy-to-use interface, Spee.ch enables users to upload images, GIFs, and videos and share them with custom URLs.

“Spee.ch provides a perfect alternative for people who are sick and tired of centralized media hosting services where uploading your content means handing over the rights to some corporate entity,” said Bill Bittner, Lead Developer for Spee.ch. “It should be easy to share your media without worrying that a single private entity now controls the infrastructure and content you worked so hard on. With Spee.ch,we encourage everyone to contribute or take the code and change it as they see fit.”

Spee.ch is powered by the LBRY network, a blockchain-based peer to peer media platform that allows creators to upload their content and charge what they want for it (or make it free), with no middlemen.

Users can watch videos from thousands of popular content creators and YouTubers like John Cleese, Oscilloscope Laboratories, Casually Explained, and MinutePhysics, as well as original series like the just-released Cop Chronicles on spee.ch right now. If you’d like to learn more about Spee.ch or schedule an interview with Bill Bittner, Spee.ch’s Lead Developer, or Jeremy Kauffman, LBRY’s founder, please contact Brinck Slattery at Brinck@lbry.io or call (603) 703-2846.

About LBRY

LBRY Inc. is the creator of the LBRY protocol, a blockchain-based, peer to peer method for devices to communicate and discover verified versions of any kind of digital media, anywhere in the world. They’ve also built the LBRY app, a desktop viewer for video content on the LBRY network, as the first implementation of their new protocol.

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