Speedhut Debuts the First Ever Analog Plug-and-Play Gauges for UTVs

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Respected gauge manufacturer releases new analog gauges for off-road vehicles that help owners monitor their vehicle’s performance better than ever.

Orem, UT (PRUnderground) September 16th, 2019

People looking for gauges for their utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) have had no good options on the commercial market. But Speedhut has changed that with a line of boost gauges, speedometers, tachometers, volt gauges, and water temperature gauges created just for UTVs.

For over 10 years, Speedhut has been manufacturing a complete line of automotive performance gauges. Their products are made in the USA, with each gauge being meticulously crafted in their Northern Utah facility (no outsourcing). The result is a higher quality product that is widely respected in the competitive international gauge market but still affordable for price-conscious consumers.

The company’s new Lynx Powersport plug-and-play gauges plug directly into the UTV diagnostic port where they “listen” to the data that is broadcast on the can bus and reveal it via the pointer. The Lynx gauges are available for Polaris and Can-Am UTVs, with Yamaha and Arctic soon to follow.

According to Aaron Westberg, the company’s founder, these revolutionary new UTV gauges not only look sleek and attractive, but they also fill a major void in the UTV features market.

“A lot of the data our gauges report is missing from the instrument panels of these vehicles or it can only be seen in one display at a time, so users have to toggle back and forth for different readings,” said Westberg. “With these new gauges, customers can know exactly what’s going on inside, which helps them prolong the life of their UTV.”

One of the most popular Lynx gauges is the boost gauge for factory turbo-ed UTVs, which reads and broadcasts the turbo pressure of the vehicle. Since there is nothing in the vehicle’s instrument panel that shows turbo pressure, the gauge is critical in providing this reading.

Another popular gauge is the coolant temperature gauge for Can-Am UTVs. Can-Am’s built-in instrument panels show this data but in a cryptic, bar graph display with no numerical value. The gauge gives an exact reading so people can accurately assess what temperature their machine is running at.

As opposed to Can-Am UTVs, Polaris vehicles come standard with many of these gauges, but only one of them can be displayed at a time. So if users are displaying temperature, they won’t know what RPM they are running at and vice versa.

To learn more about Speedhut and their new gauges for UTVs — or any of their other automotive gauges — visit www.SpeedHut.com.

About Speedhut

Speedhut is a manufacturing company that produces and retails custom car gauges, shift lights, and custom gauge face glow gauges. Their inventory includes car gauge speedometers, tachometers, boost gauges and more for Honda Civics to the Ford GT and other cars.

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