Speedhut Introduces New Aviator Trim Bezels

Industry: Automotive

Speedhut puts a modern touch to a classic style by introducting Aviator™ gauge trim bezel to their inventory.

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRUnderground) August 4th, 2016

Speedhut is the household name for high-performance gauges in the USA. Speedhut manufactures speedometers, pressure gauges, hot rod gauges, tachometers, and custom gauges for automotive, marine, power sports applications, and OEM. Speedhut announces further diversification of their inventory by manufacturing new Aviator™ trim bezels.

Back in the early 1900s when guys wore A-2 and B-15 bomber jackets, Howard Hughes built planes, and vintage military aircraft littered the sky – an era symbolizing courage and sacrifice was born and became part of our national identity. Speedhut just brought back a little piece of that history. Meet the new Aviator™ trim bezels, made of the same type of aluminum used to construct aircraft and yachts, and built to mimic old military aircraft interiors.

Trim bezels are essential for true car enthusiasts. These outer casings mount gauges to their holding position. With Speedhut’s new Aviator™ gauge trim bezels, car owners dashes will look and feel like it’s straight out of a bomber aircraft from the WWII era. With its one-touch calibration, large mounting tabs, and supplied speedometer cable, owners of Speedhut’s new gauge trim bezels will be on the road in no time with a sturdy mount for their gauges.

Speedhut has over ten years of experience and success in this highly competitive international gauge market. They continually strive to stay ahead of the competition with their innovative design and solid engineering, while manufacturing all of their products in the USA. Speedhut offers a 100% lifetime guarantee on all of their gauges, tachometers, and speedometers, including a lifetime warranty on the electronic circuit board inside their gauges. The electronic circuit board is the most critical component of each Speedhut gauge. It communicates with the gauge sensor and gives the gauge the high accuracy/performance that customers have come to expect from a Speedhut gauge. All other parts of a Speedhut gauge, including sensor and wiring, are covered by an unlimited 5-year warranty, too.

Speedhut’s continued investments into automotive gauge-related technologies and revolutionary advancements are what make their products stand above the rest. Speedhut works hard to effectively and efficiently meet their customer’s unique requirements for customizable instrumentation products. They understand what customers want, and they are all set to provide the best application for their needs. Speedhut can provide excellent quality OEM gauges private-labeled with customers’ company logo, quickly and economically. To learn more about Speedhut’s premium gauge manufacturing process or to learn more about their new Aviator™ gauge trim bezels, visit www.speedhut.com or call 801-221-1460.

About Speedhut

Speedhut is a manufacturing company that produces and retails custom car gauges, shift lights, and custom gauge face glow gauges. Their inventory includes car gauge speedometers, tachometers, boost gauges and more for Honda Civics to the Ford GT and other cars.

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