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Spiral Rain Enriches Spirituality with Its Collection of Crystals, Candles, Essential Oils and More

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The shop offers a little spark of magic with its products and monthly subscription boxes.

Quebec, Canada (PRUnderground) September 4th, 2021

Spiral Rain is a family business that sells apothecary, candles, essential oil, gemstones, jewelry and more. It was created in 2018 by Rani, who loves the earth and all it has to offer.

Rani is a solitary witch, certified crystal healer and certified reiki practitioner. She uses different branches of witchcraft and other religions to make what is Spiral Rain. She has practiced and studied various occult and energy healing subjects and practices, so her craft and products combine a bit of everything for everyone to find their own.

Spiral Rain’s monthly subscription boxes (Apothecary, Crystals, Ohm and Witch) are carefully curated. They help individuals begin and grow in the spiritual world. Whether the user is a beginner or an experienced practitioner, Spiral Rain’s boxes will give them everything they need according to the time of the year: solstices, celebrations, the phase of the moon and many more.

The Apothecary box is filled mostly with raw items for those who want to create their own products. Sometimes the box consists of projects. One example is the August box that supplied the necessary items to make a floral hydrolat and solid perfume.

The Crystals box is filled with crystals or items made of crystals and incense to cleanse the stones/items. The items vary from jewelry, tumbled or raw crystals in different shapes and sizes, crystals grids and home decor. September’s box, for example, has a complete grid with mat and cedar incense.

The Ohm box is for those who are interested in spirituality, relaxation and well-being but not necessarily witchcraft. This box contains items like bath salts, perfumes, essential oil blends, candles, jewelry, home decor, easy rituals and meditations. September’s box has a complete well-being bath ritual to help with flexibility and patience. It contains a cast-iron heart-shaped cauldron, juniper sage incense bundle, amethyst cluster, well-being bath salts and four blue votives.

The Witch box is for anyone and everyone interested in witchcraft. For example, August’s box was about creativity. It contained a vinyl sticker and beeswax sheet with a wick for DIY candles. There were dried herbs and oil with carnelian chips to add to the beeswax candle while making it. The created candles were to be used with the Ace of Wands tarot card included to complete a spell. There also was a 4oz soy wax candle, creativity incense and a tangerine quartz cluster.

All Spiral Rain subscription boxes come with a monthly magazine of over 70 pages, exploring the month ahead and its energy, the moons, the current zodiac sign, the monthly theme, the sabbats, spells, ritual and meditations. It contains articles that explain and work with the monthly theme.

This year’s October boxes will be extra special. The Apothecary box will contain items from Spiral Rain’s Witch collection and other items to represent Samhain. The Witch box will be filled with items to work with the goddess Hecate. The Crystals box will have a Samhain grid. The Ohm box revolves around the theme of Nightmare Before Christmas, and it will include a complete figurine set.

Every box sold donates $1 to fight global poverty and give access to water supplies.

More information can be found at https://www.spiralrain.ca/.

About Spiral Rain

Spiral Rain is a family business that sells apothecary, candles, essential oil, gemstones, jewelry and more.

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