Spirulina Mater Announces its Upcoming Launch on Amazon U.S.

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Boca Raton, FL (PRUnderground) April 24th, 2024

Spirulina Mater, a distinguished Chilean producer of the nutrient-packed superfood spirulina, is thrilled to announce its upcoming launch on Amazon in the United States. This expansion marks a significant milestone for the company as it introduces its premium, antioxidant-rich spirulina products to the American market.

Established in 1995, Spirulina Mater has become synonymous with quality and purity in the production of spirulina. The company has flourished by exporting to over 12 countries and is now poised to bring its expertise and exceptional products to U.S. consumers.

Spirulina Mater’s spirulina is cultivated in the untouched northern regions of Chile, where the pristine waters of the Andes and the high luminosity of the Atacama Desert foster optimal growth conditions. These unique environmental factors enhance the antioxidant concentration in Spirulina Mater’s products, setting them apart from competitors.

A pioneer in the industry, Spirulina Mater operates one of the first and largest industrial plants for spirulina production in Latin America. The company utilizes innovative techniques such as a smooth rotary drum harvesting system to maintain the integrity of spirulina’s proteins, nutrients, and pigments. Committed to environmental stewardship, Spirulina Mater harnesses solar energy for production and uses pure glacial water from the Andes, ensuring a sustainable process from start to finish.

Spirulina Mater offers a variety of products, including Spirulina Organic superfood in powder form and Spirulina Organic tablets. These products cater to health-conscious individuals, including athletes, vegetarians, vegans, and seniors, providing essential nutrients that support a balanced diet.

In partnership with leading universities in Chile and Mexico, Spirulina Mater has contributed to research that highlights the health benefits of spirulina, particularly in enhancing sports performance and supporting vegetarian and vegan diets.

Spirulina Mater’s products will be available to U.S. customers on Amazon, offering convenience and accessibility to its high-quality spirulina.

For additional information about Spirulina Mater and its products, please visit www.spirulina.cl/en.

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About Spirulina Mater

Spirulina Mater is a leading producer of high-quality spirulina superfood products. Founded in Chile in 1995, the company has grown to become the largest spirulina facility in Latin America. Spirulina Mater is committed to sustainability, leveraging solar power and pristine glacial water from the Andes for production. Its products are known for their high antioxidant concentration and are gluten-free, vegan, kosher, organic, and dairy-free.

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