Splitz Enz x U2 – PeDRo PRaTeS Remastered On Pre-Listening

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Best Selling PDRPRTS Relaunched Today On All Stores And Radios

Los Angeles (PRUnderground) July 21st, 2014

The PDRPRTS SoundCloud channel has just been updated for a limited time to the remastered version of its best selling single.

Circo De Feras (I Hope I Never Ultraviolet) is now globally available on all radios and stores, including iTunes and Amazon.

“Circo De Feras” is the english acoustic render of an original song by Xutos & Pontapés, amazingly weaved by PeDRo PRaTeS with Splitz Enz, U2, and Robert Neville songs.

About Circo De Feras (I Hope I Never Ultraviolet)

PeDRo PRaTeS doesnt remember anything back from when he was 2 years old, or practically anything. He remembers where his parents stored their cassette tapes right by the door on his first vacation trip. He remembers insisting on ‘see my eyes’, and singing along to “I Got You” before he could speak. Splitz Enz’s 1980 “True Colours” album also included “I Hope I Never”, that ended up in the new Circo De Feras rendition much like mercury combines – seamlessly. Representing the shadow part of detachment, “I Hope I Never” comes in reflecting how the acceptance of separation is so many times swept under the carpet rather than fully grieved. The instrumental-only presence of this track nevertheless expresses a time where, while present, this aspect began to come in second or third to greater love and appreciation of time shared.

When “Achtung Baby” came out, PeDRo PRaTeS’ personal hall-of-fame albums were mostly from his parents collection – “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, “The Wall”, “1962-1966” and “1967-1970”, “Chariots of Fire”, “Harvest”, “Tea For The Tillerman”, and so many favourites – had all come before his time. When U2 released “Achtung Baby” it was an explosion of inspiration, both lyrically as well as sonically: Bono’s lyrics brought in the depths he was discovering in life, while The Edge’s soundscapes helped transcend them to beautiful experiences. Perhaps the highest of them was the recognition of the Goddess, along Love, as a real pillar in life, when such admission rarely found expression in a tangible way among the men he knew. The integration of “Light My Way (Ultraviolet)”, PDRPRTS’ favourite U2 track in an exceptional long list of anthems, came naturally, precisely as surrender.. a call for team-spirited help to keep within Love through difficult times of separation.

The choice of English as the language for this version came exactly from the team-spirited approach to separation. PeDRo PRaTeS always loved Circo De Feras but a desire to share a more positive outlook on life beyond the natural importance of relationships kept him from doing a version of this song. The anthem status and his reverence for the work of Xutos & Pontapés on this song also made it impossible for him to ever consider any changes to the lyrics. Then his partner-through-separation suggested he did a version in English, and so Circo De Feras (I Hope I Never Ultraviolet) came to be. Since the original May 21st, 2011 release, this version has been the most sold and downloaded PDRPRTS version, released today for the first time in its final remastered form.

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