Spring Creek Labs Announces What They’re Doing To Help Safely Reopen The Country

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Us-Based Nano CBD Manufacturer Reveals What Precautions They’re Taking To Keep Their Employees And Customers Safe

West Lindon, UT (PRUnderground) May 23rd, 2020

Spring Creek Labs, a hemp-based CBD manufacturer, has their eyes locked on the future.

It feels like everyone is starting to get a case of cabin fever right now. With some states pushing to reopen as fast as possible brands have to do everything in their power to keep everyone safe.

Private label nano CBD manufacturer Spring Creek Labs is a packaging powerhouse. It’s how they were able to offer bottling services for bulk hand sanitizer producers.

This has been a huge help because companies who are now making products they’ve never made before can have immediate access to a quality packager.

They were able to do the same for makers of immunity-boosting supplements. Offering their resources has made it easier to get scarce supplies to those who need it most.

Why A Nano CBD Product Manufacturer Cares So Much

Most US-based hemp manufacturers are too terrified they won’t survive quarantine to be of much help. Businesses are opening their doors not as a political statement, but out of necessity.

Mexican restaurant owner Kelley Chagolla describes her fight to reopen with a grim look into her personal life.

Without an income to pay her $1,650 a month insurance bill, Ms. Chagolla would be confined to a wheelchair within weeks.

How Everyone Can Do Their Part to Help Small Business Owners

Kelley Chagolla’s story is so powerful because she could easily be anyone’s mother, sister, or life partner who can’t afford to wait for the economy to reopen.

So how can everyone do their part to help businesses reopen without causing a second wave of infections?

  1. Use hand sanitizer. Many manufacturing facilities are delving into making hand sanitizer and need the packaging power of a private label CBD manufacturer.
  2. Wear a mask. Depending on local restrictions, some municipalities are requiring face coverings even when outdoors.
  3. Maintain social distancing. Even after restrictions on businesses are lifted, everyone needs to do their part to stay safe until there is a vaccine.

Choose A Nano CBD Product Manufacturer Helping To Safely Reopen The Economy

Not all private label CBD manufacturers are the same. In a recent blind test of over 80 CBD products, more than 60% were inaccurately labeled. Calling nano CBD regulations “lax” would be the understatement of the year.

Spring Creek Labs doesn’t have to take the word of some third-party supplier. Because they own their own farms and processing facilities, the brands they work with are guaranteed a reliable supply of single-origin hemp.

With stories of nefarious business ethics dominating the headlines, choosing a CBD manufacturer focused on helping the community it serves is more important than ever. Email nano CBD manufacturer Spring Creek Labs today for a no-obligation free quote!

About Spring Creek Labs

Spring Creek Labs is a US-based CBD manufacturer with over ten years experience farming, manufacturing, and packaging CBD products. Their process includes 100% USA-grown hemp with advanced extraction methods. They offer 100% farm-to-shelf products, including capsules, creams, lotions, powders, and gummies. Spring Creek Labs offers private label products for retail and contract manufacturing.

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