Spring Creek Labs Helps Meet the Demand for Hand Sanitizer

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The Utah-Based CBD Manufacturer Is a Packaging Powerhouse for Much-Needed Products

UT (PRUnderground) April 25th, 2020

Hemp-based CBD manufacturer Spring Creek Labs employees are doing their part to help with shortages.

No one could have predicted a year ago the world would be clamoring for scarce products, like hand sanitizer. The coronavirus impact has hemp-based CBD manufacturers and other suppliers wondering how they can help.

Every supply chain needs to jump into overdrive to meet current demands. But it’s not easy to get certain products shelf-ready when they’re made on the fly.

Businesses are doing what they can, but setting up a supply chain overnight is easier said than done. Fortunately for this distillery making hand sanitizer, they had their own packaging already on hand.

But what about companies that have the materials to make hand sanitizer, but no way of bottling it?

That’s where US-based hemp manufacturer Spring Creek Labs comes in. Since they are a 100% vertically integrated hemp manufacturer they can offer any part of their supply chain to help during a crisis.

If any individuals or companies have bulk hand sanitizer or immune supplements, Spring Creek Labs’ employees are working overtime to help get them ready for the frontlines of the pandemic.

Running out of Plastic

Anyone involved in bringing a consumer product to retail knows the pain of being short on one necessary component. Access to a private label hemp manufacturer could fill the gap some businesses are experiencing.

For many potential suppliers of hand sanitizer, those little plastic bottles are going faster than hotcakes at a lumberjack convention.

Private label CBD manufacturer Spring Creek Labs is playing a vital part in keeping life-saving products fully stocked.

A US-based CBD manufacturer is exactly what these sanitizer suppliers need to contribute to the fight against COVID.

Hand Sanitizer Moonshine

There are more recipes online for homemade hand sanitizer than there is for chicken noodle soup.

Many of these pop-up hand sanitizer manufacturers need help from hemp-based CBD product manufacturers, like Spring Creek Labs, to take their product to the finish line.

Any business with bulk hand sanitizer can come to private label hemp manufacturer Spring Creek Labs for bottling services.

Spring Creek Labs is still working hard to keep their hemp-based CBD customers fully-stocked right now too. Check out everything the best hemp-based CBD oil manufacturer in the U.S. has to offer during these trying times.

About Spring Creek Labs

Spring Creek Labs is a US-based CBD manufacturer with over ten years experience farming, manufacturing, and packaging CBD products. Their process includes 100% USA-grown hemp with advanced extraction methods. They offer 100% farm-to-shelf products, including capsules, creams, lotions, powders, and gummies. Spring Creek Labs offers private label products for retail and contract manufacturing.

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