Spring Creek Labs Hopes the US Takes a Hint From the EU…

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Colorado-based CBD manufacturer Spring Creek Labs hopes their government can learn something from its European counterparts...

West Lindon, UT (PRUnderground) February 5th, 2020

What came first, hemp or hemp regulations? This is the problem the EU hemp-based CBD manufacturers are having.

Even though hemp is no stranger to Europe, lawmakers are dumbfounded over conflicting evidence.

So what is a “novel food”? If it wasn’t on the menu before 1997, the EU considers it to be a novel food.

This means embarking on a process that can take years before said novel food is approved.

And then there’s the trap. If a CBD brand submits an application for Novel Foods status they are admitting their product contains novel ingredients.

There is no wait time or grace period. All their products would have to be taken off the market immediately until their novel food status is approved. This can take up to 6 years.

And approval doesn’t even protect the company from enforcement action.

The Argument

Hemp advocates argue that the plant CBD is derived from has been used throughout the continent for centuries.

So are hemp additives and extractions really a new thing? The only thing new about hemp is the way the law treats it.

Should CBD sourced from hemp really be treated like some alien ingredient brought back from a space expedition?

Especially if it’s coming from a US-based CBD manufacturer. A hemp-based CBD product manufacturer is using the same raw materials used since B.C. times.

What About the US?

The US is also in a precarious situation regarding CBD as an ingredient. Although it is illegal to sell CBD added to food, US-based hemp manufacturers who stay away from health claims are raking in the profits.

Because the FDA’s resources are limited, they’re coming after the snake oil salesmen first.

The hemp manufacturers who don’t seem to care that their products could potentially harm people.

How to Color in the Lines

So where can someone find a great private label hemp manufacturer? With so much legal gray area, it’s best to go with a supplier only using certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) assembly lines.

Spring Creek Labs has been an industry leader for over a decade. They didn’t see the gloss and flashing lights CBD has been attracting the past few years.

Instead, they focused on creating a sustainable supply of the world’s highest quality hemp-derived CBD.

No worrying about some rookie farmers buying the wrong plant clones. In an industry where percentages of percentages can destroy a company, consistency isn’t something any company can afford to slack on.

So why wait? There’s nothing to lose and a mountain of profits to gain. Email private label CBD manufacturer Spring Creek Labs today for a free quote!

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About Spring Creek Labs

Spring Creek Labs is a US-based CBD manufacturer with over ten years experience farming, manufacturing, and packaging CBD products. Their process includes 100% USA-grown hemp with advanced extraction methods. They offer 100% farm-to-shelf products, including capsules, creams, lotions, powders, and gummies. Spring Creek Labs offers private label products for retail and contract manufacturing.

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