Spring Creek Labs Reveals What’s in Store for the Hemp Industry in 2020

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Why industry leader, Spring Creek Labs, still sees enormous growth for the coming year

West Lindon, UT (PRUnderground) January 30th, 2020

At the start of 2010, hemp was still in legal limbo. With billions in expected growth, what’s next for hemp manufacturers?

Brands are popping up everywhere to get a slice of the pie, like pioneers racing for their cut of the American dream. It makes finding a good CBD manufacturer that much harder

But is it really worth the time and money? Is there really still money to be made or is there already some corporate hemp-based CBD manufacturer with a majority market share?

Spring Creek Labs allays all our hemp industry fears with these simple tips for new CBD brands.

Be an Expert, Not a Salesperson

We’ve seen from brands, like Feels, consumers want answers. How much should they take and how often?

Because CBD brands can’t allude to health benefits, we’re going to see a shift in how CBD is treated from a marketing standpoint.

Since just about anyone can start selling CBD products online, brands that go above and beyond to help their consumers will come out on top.

Consumers want to feel like they have someone holding their hand throughout the process. It’s not enough to just be a great US-based CBD manufacturer.

But awesome customer experience is hard to do on razor-thin margins. Expect to see a proliferation of brands aiming for higher-income customers.

This will change even more if CBD is granted the coveted Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) label. GRAS ingredients don’t require any FDA regulation.

While there are rumors about hemp achieving GRAS status, don’t count on it. Every US-based hemp manufacturer would be running at full capacity.

Investigational Therapies

While only one CBD medication has been approved by the FDA, they are expanding their compassionate use program.

Patients with terminal or treatment-resistant conditions are able to test what is considered “investigational” solutions.

But the FDA will fight to the death over sensational claims about CBD as a treatment or cure.

Some private label hemp manufacturers are making totally unsubstantiated claims. The FDA’s biggest fear is people not seeking a doctor’s advice because they are taking some over the counter dietary additive.

Hemp-based CBD product manufacturers have to find ways to distinguish their products without any medical claims. This is tricky in such a crowded marketplace.

Which CBD Manufacturer Is Trustworthy?

Is CBD trendy? Sure, but there’s one private label CBD manufacturer in the hemp industry that never sacrifices quality for a quick buck.

Spring Creek Labs has total control over their supply chain down to the dirt. Their raw materials never come from questionable importers.

And they even do small product runs. With a minimum order of 250 units, they can have private label CBD gummies, capsules, and more ready within weeks.

They know CBD can be a tumulous market, so they make the initial investment affordable for even the stingiest of product managers.

Email them today for a free no-obligation quote!

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About Spring Creek Labs

Spring Creek Labs is a US-based CBD manufacturer with over ten years experience farming, manufacturing, and packaging CBD products. Their process includes 100% USA-grown hemp with advanced extraction methods. They offer 100% farm-to-shelf products, including capsules, creams, lotions, powders, and gummies. Spring Creek Labs offers private label products for retail and contract manufacturing.

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