Spring Creek Labs Shares the Top 3 Trends of the Hemp Industry in 2019

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Colorado-based CBD manufacturer Spring Creek Labs thinks this new trend could put an end to shady CBD dealers…

West Lindon, UT (PRUnderground) January 28th, 2020

Hemp-based CBD manufacturer Spring Creek Labs gives insider details about the first full year since the 2018 Farm Bill passed. The industry starting to get a look at what the FDA’s top priorities are when it comes to regulating booming CBD sales.

With wild claims ranging from cures to treatments, we’ve seen unscrupulous CBD brands word-vomit anything they can to make sales.

Just because it’s hemp-based with legal levels of THC doesn’t make it a panacea. Not even close.

2020 is going to be all about transparency and consumer protection. Here are the top 3 trends the hemp industry followed in 2019 and what it means for the coming decade.

1. More Regulation & Transparency

The FDA is dedicated to regulating the CBD industry. Why is this good news? More regulation means fewer claim jumpers hopping on the CBD bandwagon.

Because testing standards are still being established, the FDA is first going after the outlandish claims some CBD brands are making.

We’ve already seen warning letters sent to some popular CBD brands. It will remain important brands don’t mention any curative, preventative, or treatments using their product.

2. Supply Concerns

With all the excitement over CBD’s market cap, its easy to forget that a high-quality US-based hemp manufacturer can only grow so much.

New farmers are finding hemp harder to grow for profit than they expected. Planting too late in the season and other issues made for a meager crop for many first-time hemp manufacturers.

Seed scams are also rife in the community. Farmers spend thousands on seeds of the wrong variety only to reap a crop with no value. It’s part of why sourcing from a US-based CBD manufacturer is so important.

This will have a big impact on raw material prices. Expect this to continue the next few years as farmers perfect the delicate balance of supply and demand.

3. Testing Remains a Struggle

Different testing methods can result in different results. This is why testing standards have been so hard to establish for the CBD industry.

Expect some contradicting testing rules from state to state. Expensive testing could see smaller hemp-based CBD profit manufacturers drop out of the market.

More brands will flock to the best private label hemp manufacturer to churn out their latest marketing efforts.

Spring Creek Labs Uses the Same High Standards as World-Leading Manufacturers…

What’s the best way to stay ahead of the trends, rumors, and regulations? Work with a private label CBD manufacturer who knows what pitfalls to avoid.

They’ve been in business for going on two decades. They were making CBD products way before it was the toast of the town.

They use the same certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards the world’s top manufacturers use.

So why not give them a call? One trend is for sure, growth. Don’t miss out. Email Spring Creek Labs today!

About Spring Creek Labs

Spring Creek Labs is a US-based CBD manufacturer with over ten years experience farming, manufacturing, and packaging CBD products. Their process includes 100% USA-grown hemp with advanced extraction methods. They offer 100% farm-to-shelf products, including capsules, creams, lotions, powders, and gummies. Spring Creek Labs offers private label products for retail and contract manufacturing.

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