Staying fit and enjoying good, delicious food just got a whole lot easier with Gourmet Protein Donuts

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Sacramento (PRUnderground) June 19th, 2019

The built-in human tendency is to gorge on sweets with high calorific numbers is, undoubtedly, an act of sheer pleasure. But with modern lifestyles and more people aware of health and fitness it has become increasingly difficult to findtreats that taste good without all the high sugar and carb content.

Gourmet Protein Donuts is a company that aims at allowing people to satisfy their sweet tooth without jeopardizing their health.These donuts are made as a healthy alternative to regular fried donuts. Gourmet Protein Donuts has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and the funding goal has been set at $9997.

The concept of guilt-free snacks was conceived through a partnership with health supplement company Infinium Works who wished to create a snack that taste amazing yet still healthy.The prime goal is to provide people such as athletes and body-builders with high protein treats and allow them to stay within their strict diets. The makers wanted to create a unique high protein and low carb food, different from conventional protein shakes and bars.

The donuts they make sure that consumers can enjoy a sweet treat without worrying about their waistlines.

Compared to the unhealthy composition of regular donuts from big name retail chains, Gourmet Protein Donuts offer 20 grams of protein with only

  • 113 calories
  • 3 grams of fat
  • 3 grams sugar
  • 3 grams of carbohydrates in each serving of their donuts.

Flavors include birthday cake, cinnamon, cookies and cream, lemon cheesecake, and strawberry. All flavors are delicious and created using the best quality ingredients.

Gourmet Protein Donuts are, a revolutionary approach to food and health. They offer a sweet snacking options with great quality and taste without the harmful additives and effects of regular sugar-filled donuts.

They also offer Keto holes- healthy donut holes infused with MCT oil and caffeine. They are available in two flavors- chocolate cappuccino and vanilla cappuccino.

Gourmet Protein Donuts made their debut at the L.A. Fit Expo 2019 and received an overwhelming response with positive reviews flooding in from all directions. Gourmet Protein Donuts are, thus, a promising approach to healthy eating and fitter lifestyles as it makes room for the accommodation of cravings and taste buds.

To support the initiative being led by Gourmet Protein Donuts and to find out more about the perks and rewards available for supporters of their project, visit their official Kickstarter page.

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