Steenblock Research Institute Announces New Method of Obtaining Stem Cells from Blood

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A California nonprofit research institute has developed a new method for obtaining 100 million stem cells from a small amount of a patient's blood.

San Clemente, California (PRUnderground) February 23rd, 2017

The treatment of chronic diseases and medical conditions using a patient’s own stem cells is an exciting, dynamic area of medicine that is enjoying unprecedented success thanks to a combination of new discoveries and impressive patient responses. Here in the US, over 600 private clinics are doing stem cell therapies, most using stem cells taken from a patient’s own bone marrow or fat tissue.
Unfortunately, many ailing people are reluctant or unable to undergo the harvesting of bone marrow or fat tissue.  With this in mind, physician David Steenblock, president of the nonprofit Steenblock Research Institute (SRI), asked the scientists at his research institute to come up with a way of getting enough stem cells from a patient’s blood sample to treat their health issues.      
The scientists at SRI went on to develop an FDA compliant method for winding up with as many stem cells in 2 small tubes of blood (drawn from a patient) as are normally obtained from much larger quantities of bone marrow or fat tissue. The blood is exposed to heat, cold, light and electromagnetics which yields 100 million stem cells, an amount which is ten times the minimum of 10 million cells needed to produce a clinical response.
SRI’s new method has been authorized for use by only one clinic: Personalized Regenerative Medicine Clinic of San Clemente, California. 
Adds Dr. Steenblock, “Stem Cell Therapy is experimental and thus is not covered by any insurance plan. This new method is also only available to patients of Personalized Regenerative Medicine Clinic”.
Those interested in learning more are invited to call Personalized Regenerative Medicine Clinic (PRMC) at 1-949-367-8870 from 9 am to 4 pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.  Individuals who enroll as new patients are being offered an initial office visit for free with PRMC’s Dr. Donna Hanna.

About David A. Steenblock, D.O., Inc.

Dr. David Steenblock is a medical innovator whose work has produced unique and effective ways to accelerate recovery, healing and regeneration in people struggling with many chronic diseases and conditions. Since 2000 he has focused on developing regenerative and stem cell-based ways to treat ALS, Cerebral Palsy and many other chronic, degenerative diseases.

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