StickSafe Announces One-Step Solution To Keep Viruses And Bacteria Off Surfaces For Months

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Denver, CO (PRUnderground) June 29th, 2020

StickSafe is launching a one-step solution to keep viruses and bacteria off surfaces we touch for up to 60 days.

StickSafe is an ultra-high-tech material sticker that can be applied to any object or surface to make it anti-viral and anti-bacterial instantly. It can be used in restaurants, malls, public transit, airports, planes, and virtually every common area and common surface people touch every day. StickSafe is non-toxic, fast-acting, and lasts for at least 60 days.

StickSafe’s developer, Christopher Avina, says, “viral and bacterial transfer through contact has always been an issue. It’s just in the forefront now because we’re being told to repeatedly wash our hands and scrub everything down. But, really, that’s an impossible thing to guarantee in between every contact.”

StickSafe aims to make people feel more comfortable when out in public – and even at home. Whenever students return to school, for example, StickSafe will provide a layer of protection against viral or bacterial contamination as they learn and greatly reduce the chances that they will catch anything nasty and bring it back home with them.

Avina’s patent covers the application of an anti-viral / anti-bacterial material using an adhesive. There are already numerous anti-microbial / anti-viral materials on the market certified to kill any virus, for example those used in manufacturing plans or health care environments. “We’ve chosen a proprietary combination that’s the most potent and most efficient killer of viruses,” Avina says, “And we can combine many other well-known materials to enhance its performance for any environment.” StickSafe’s innovation lies in adhering these technologies to surfaces.”

The product is currently in pre-production, and StickSafe is conducting a fundraising campaign for $60,000 on IndieGoGo (, in addition to raising capital through other sources. This will fund the specialized machinery already on reserve so they can start manufacturing right away. Launching production now is important because the latest predictions project the COVID-19 death toll to be at 200,000 in the U.S. alone.

StickSafe will always be manufactured in the US. Avina says, “We need every job here, and we will make sure there are plenty of jobs to go around. ”The company also wants to maintain control over its high-tech process and materials in the US, while still providing a much-needed product to the global market.

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