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StoriesIG Gains Popularity as Premier Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

Industry: Lifestyle

Anyone can visit StoriesIG to privately view Instagram users’ stories

New York City, NY (PRUnderground) January 15th, 2023

StoriesIG is quickly solidifying its position as the internet’s go-to resource for anonymously viewing Instagram stories.

Instagram is among the world’s top ten most-visited websites and boasts well over 1 billion monthly active users. Instagram users sign up with a screenname and upload visual content to their profiles for other users to see. Profiles can be open to the public, but they can also be marked as private so that only friends can see profile information.

Instagram Stories have been one of the social media website’s most prevalent features since 2016, offering an exciting way for users to share special moments from their days. Users can share photos and videos alike via their Instagram Story, which gives a slideshow of everything posted to each user’s Story over the past 24 hours. After the 24 hour mark, all photos and videos disappear from the user’s profile, Feed, and messages forever.

StoriesIG recognizes that some of Instagram’s most famous users include celebrities, high net worth individuals, and influencers alike. “Not all people want to create an Instagram profile just to see Stories, and some people would like to be able to view Instagram Stories while remaining anonymous,” said a spokesperson for StoriesIG.

StoriesIG was created to give anyone seeking privacy while browsing Instagram the ability to seamlessly see Instagram Stories without the need for signing in. The platform makes it easy for anyone to see Instagram profiles without ever leaving a trace that they were browsing. “It’s truly the only way to privately browse Instagram. Whether you’re checking to see what your favorite celebrity or influencer is up to or if you want to check on a friend without showing them that you were present, StoriesIG lets you do that,” said the team at StoriesIG.

Typically, Instagram users can see who viewed their Story. A physical list of viewers is available to users, but some people want to make sure they aren’t on this list. There is currently no way to do this while logged into Instagram.

The only way to anonymously view Instagram Stories is with a platform such as StoriesIG. This platform doesn’t require a sign up and offers features including the ability to download Stories, Highlights, and Posts; convenient language options; and 100% anonymity. Anyone can simply visit the StoriesIG website, enter the screenname of the person whose profile they wish to view, and enjoy browsing anonymously. Find all the details and try it now at StoriesIG.

About StoriesIG

StoriesIG is the leading anonymous Instagram story viewer. See all the latest Instagram news without signing in, exclusively at StoriesIG.

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